Drawers are a coveted feature in modern kitchen design⁠—and one often prone to clutter. They not only house cutlery and bin bags, but also crockery, cookware, and even pantry items, which is why we all need to declutter them on a regular basis.

Madesmart clear soft grip trays are great for organising items of various sizes.

It’s great being able to pull drawers out and see everything inside from front to back. Winning! However, if you are anything like me and have managed to amass so many utensils and kitchen tools, your drawers might look more like a game of pick-up sticks than the home of your well-organised wooden spoon collection. If that’s the case, then it’s time to declutter!

No one ever woke up and thought, “Today’s the day I declutter my drawers!” however. Organising kitchen drawers, just like any home organisation job, needs to be planned. Pop it in your diary and tackle it a couple of times a year.

Kitchen decluttering can be a fulfilling and cathartic exercise when done right. Letting go of unnecessary stuff will leave you feeling lighter and happier. If half of what Marie Kondo says is true, the experience should be transformative.

Make the job quick, easy, enjoyable by following my ten-step action plan.

Madesmart multiple white drawer organisers
Use various sizes of drawer organisers like Madesmart to keep cutlery and utensils tidy.

Ten-Step Kitchen Drawer Declutter Plan

  1. Choose a gripping podcast or hit play on your favourite playlist and settle in.
  2. Clear your benchtop for sorting.
  3. Grab two boxes, one for items you choose to give away and one for items you will bin.
  4. Empty the drawers completely onto the countertop and take the opportunity to clean those crumb catchers, I mean drawers.
  5. Gift items you own more than one of.  Yes, you do have a six peelers! How did this happen?
  6. Separate items into groups, those that are used daily and those that rarely see the light of day.
  7. Gift anything you have not used in the last six months or have multiples of. Toss anything that is in poor working condition. No, don’t think about it. Just let go!
  8. Cutlery dividers, such as Madesmart, are a must for clever organising. With a variety of sizes, lengths, and compartments to choose from, fitting your drawers out will set you up for better use of space. 
  9. Use top drawers for the items you use most regularly and keep those you don’t use a lot lower down. For example, utensils and cutlery for everyday cooking and dining (spoons, knives, spatulas, and tongs) should be in the top drawers. Reserve lower draws for specialised cooking tools used for baking or pasta making.
  10. And my top tip for keeping those draws looking Marie-Kondo clean…don’t let the kids put away the dishes!

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10-Step Kitchen Drawer Declutter Plan
Article Name
10-Step Kitchen Drawer Declutter Plan
If your kitchen drawers look more like a game of pick-up sticks than the home of your well-organised wooden spoon collection, then it's time to declutter!
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