1. Freezer Clean Out

If soups, winter warmers and other stockpiled comfort foods are taking up room in your freezer, then the start of spring is a good excuse to re­organise and clean your freezer.

Firstly, fill your sink with warm soapy water. Open the freezer and be brave by throwing out any frostbitten products, out of date products or items that have not been used within a 6-month period. Remove all the remaining frozen products. Pull out drawers and trays and wash them in the sink; leave to drain. Clean the interior of the freezer with a mix of water, 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and dishwasher detergent.

Replace the dried drawers and trays. Prior to putting the frozen food back in the freezer, make sure items are condensed (e.g. 2 packs of frozen berries put into 1 packet). Group similar types of products together as you put them back in the freezer. Try to leave some items out to defrost that you can use up in the next few days.

2. Spring Racing
Portrait of a gorgeous brunette holding champagne and two flutes

Why not get in the mood with the change of season and host a Saturday “spring racing” get together with your girlfriends. Frock up and frolic the afternoon away with a selection of finger foods and some glasses of bubbles. Keep it simple and get your guests to bring spring-inspired plates of food.

3. Plant Herbs

As we come out of winter, it is now the perfect time to plant your herbs and vegetables. It is extremely satisfying to grow your own herbs and they add great flavour to your cooking. Where you live in Australia will dictate what you will consider planting. Here is what is suggested, thanks to “About the Garden.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.37.43 AM

4. Clean Stainless Steel Cookware

You can spruce up your stainless steel cookware by applying white vinegar to a soft cloth, then rubbing your pots and pans with it. Dry thoroughly after washing to prevent a film from forming. Never soak stainless steel cookware; this will result in pitted surfaces.

Organised pantry cupboard

5. Give Your Pantry a Refresh

If your pantry starts to resemble your sock collection (too many mismatches taking up too much space), it is time to get yourself a collection of canisters that work well. Choose functional canisters that are see-through & have well-sealing lids. Be smart by selecting canisters that stack and come in a variety sizes – these not only give you more flexibility but also maximise space. When you reorganise the pantry, make sure you combine any half open and full packs. Try to tackle any unwanted visitors with a forceful attack. Place numerous sticky traps plus grab a bunch of bay leaves and place them in your pantry to prevent any festering of moths.

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