Yes, you can believe the Instant Pot hype. We’re converts and here’s why.

Psst… you’re looking for a kitchen game-changer, aren’t you?

Let’s face it, life as the primary meal provider in the home can at times seem mundane, laborious and repetitive. That’s because no sooner is one meal is over, the dishes done and everything packed away, it’s time to start planning and preparing for the next.

And most of the time it feels like half of what you cook goes in the bin.

Don’t worry, we hear you. There probably isn’t one home cook on the planet that isn’t constantly searching for a way to create nutritious, clever, cost-effective meals in record time with minimal cleanup.

Drum roll, please. This little beauty, now finally available in Australia, may well be the answer to your prayers. It may very well be the most time-efficient, versatile, cooking appliance we’ve ever seen and we understand why it’s North America’s most loved multi-cooker.

We don’t say this stuff often (it would be cruel to get your hopes up), but you really can believe the hype. Instant Pot is all that and then some.

5 reasons to love Instant Pot

  1. It’s a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a steam cooker, a roaster, a sauté pan, a yoghurt maker and a warmer (and lots of other stuff) all in one. 
  2. One appliance makes light work of so many things. It can make slow-cooked stews and meats, rice, roasts, porridge, soups, cakes, and even yoghurt. 
  3. There’s hardly any mess. Everything is done in the one pan…clean up really is a breeze. Simply remove the stainless steel inner pot and wash. 
  4. You can set and run. No planning other activities around cooking. 
  5. And the number one reason we think you need this in your life is that it creates mouth-wateringly tender moist flavoursome food. Cooking is easy but the end result is never compromised. Ahh-maze.

What makes it different from other multi-cookers?

Instant Pot is the ultimate modern-day pressure cooker. Pressure cooking is super fast, which is fabulous because we’re all time-poor. But pressure cooking also delivers the most incredibly moist and tender morsels you can imagine.  Think pulled pork that falls off the bone, virtually shredding itself. Prepare for the juiciest melt-in-your-mouth roast chicken. Pressure cookers of the past were cumbersome, heavy and sometimes even dangerous. But not so when it comes to Instant Pot.

But wait, there’s more and we’re not talking a free set of steak knives.

With a bit of planning and practice, Instant Pot will make healthy, interesting weekly meal prep a cinch.  And while it does so much in terms of automation, advanced cooks fear not, you can use manual settings to increase your cooking repertoire.

5 MORE reasons to love it

  1. You can make several meals in the same pot, at once or consecutively without much effort and clean up. For example, use the sauté setting to cook plenty of root vegetables. Set and leave. Return and add a roast to the pan. Return and set the roast and some of the veggies aside and add some rice to the pan. That’s a whole lot of weekday meals prepared to perfection (yes we can promise that because Instant Pot has a crazy cool ability to lock in moisture). Pack and store and sit back and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  2. It’s got a bigger capacity than other multi-cookers. Which means you can make a lot more, in the same or less time. Make double the quantity required and freeze half. Plus, it has a durable stainless steel inner pot—easy to clean and cooks evenly.
  3. You can cook dried beans in next to no time, without soaking them. Legumes are delicious and very good for gut health but the reason people don’t eat them much is that they take forever to prepare. Instant Pot makes light work and opens up a whole new world of whole food deliciousness.
  4. Incredible, complex soups can be whipped up in well under an hour.  Soup is nutritious, filling and low-cost. 
  5. Forget store-bought yoghurt, loaded with sugar and who-knows-what other nasties. Instant Pot yoghurt will blow your mind. It’s creamy, rich, super-healthy and flavoured with anything that takes your fancy.

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5 Reasons Why We Think Instant Pot is a Game-Changer
Article Name
5 Reasons Why We Think Instant Pot is a Game-Changer
Yes, you can believe the Instant Pot hype. We’re converts and here’s why.
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7 Replies to “5 Reasons Why We Think Instant Pot is a Game-Changer”

  1. Hi,
    Every year for the last 35 years I have been reheating my Xmas pud overnight, stress-free, using a crock pot on low. When the first (Monier) one died I was able to replace it with another round one the same size, but when that died my 20cm diameter pudding basin would only fit into an annoyingly big rectangular slow cooker which sits unused in the cupboard all year long. (If we want to slow cook, we do it in the sous vide cooker which lives on the bench. Alas, the pud doesn’t fit into that.)
    So my question is, would a 20cm round pudding basin fit into this Instant Pot?

  2. I would like to order an Instant Pot online. Not sure where to order and pay for it on your website.

  3. Don’t advertise something without stating the price. I’ve wasted time this morning trying to find the price of this magic cooker. Do you even have them in stock

  4. Electric pressure cookers are great.
    I was going to ask how it compares to the Breville “Fast Slow Pro Multicooker ” which has similar features, but then noticed you’ve stopped selling them. The instapot does not have a non-stick interior, which I would prefer, but the Breville has really nice interface, not just a mass of buttons.

    One observation, while they will do unsoaked beans, most tests find the results are not as good as with soaked and that is definitely my experience.


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