5 Tips for a Great Aussie BBQ

The weather is warm and the grill beckons. Kitchen Warehouse’s own chef and director Chris Murphy shares his top tips for a great BBQ for Australia Day or any weekend you’re up for some backyard fun.

1. Marinate meats that have been defrosted, including sausages, in a glass dish with a lid like Pyrex up to a day in advance to coat them with flavour and a delicious caramelised crust. Try a southern style dry spice rub for your ribs, a BBQ honey mustard twist on your sausages, and three kinds of peppercorns for your steak.

2. Make sure to clean your barbie with a brush and scraper ahead of the big day. Check and double check that you have all the necessary tools as well—tongs, turner, BBQ fork, gloves, and even a thermometer. You don’t want to be running to the shops for these at the last minute.

3. Prepare fresh, crisp, and light summer salads to go with your grilled meat and serve them in melamine or wood bowls that are perfect for al fresco entertaining.

4. Round out the meal with a true Australian dessert, the pavlova. Try a classic pavlova loaded with cream and fresh fruit or try a decadent chocolate and raspberry pavlova with mascarpone.

5. Cool down with ice-cold fruity drinks like a charred pineapple cooler, a refreshing summer smoothie, or homemade kombucha packed with probiotics for your gut health. You can even serve up the best cocktails if you feel like it.

Remember to keep the food, drink, and good humour flowing and you’re sure to have a great one!

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