Life wasn’t meant to be easy.  So simplify it where you can, right? Work, meal prep, cleaning, planning, kids… You’ve got enough to do and we’re all about making things easier and frankly, more fun.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says women on average spend close to 3 hours a day dealing with domestic duties and most of that is spent organising and preparing meals.

The digital age has created increased pressure and less structure in daily schedules, overall making lifestyles more hectic than ever before. 

Just about everyone is scrambling to find ways to make themselves more time efficient.

Not surprisingly, take away food consumption has also grown in recent years, thanks mostly to increased accessibility and convenience.

But when it comes to nutrition, there’s nothing better than a home cooked meal. And have you ever considered that time spent cooking and sitting at the table eating can provide valuable down time and family connection.

You absolutely can have your cake and eat it too. The solution is to simplify your kitchen work and storage spaces and find ways to make cooking easier.

Take Control

Here’s our five easy steps to get you off Uber Eats and back in your own kitchen without adding pressure to your schedule.

1. Declutter and organise.  

Be ruthless, if you don’t use it, ditch it. If you rarely use it, find a good spot to store it out of the way. You’ll feel so much calmer in an organised space and that will make the job of preparing good food so much easier. If you don’t have time to sort through your cupboards and pantry, call in an expert. 

Pantry Organisation Ideas
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2. Plan ahead.

Now that the kitchen is organised and you can see exactly what you have got, it’s time to get a plan. Start by making a list of each day and who is at home. Next search the internet for easy weeknight meals.  You’ll be gobsmacked. The options are endless. Pinterest is a great resource. Choose five meals and make a list of the ingredients you will need.

3. Where possible, do your grocery shop online. 

Here’s where you’re going to save time and money. You can thank us later. Shopping online means you don’t have to battle the supermarkets on your precious down time and you can keep a good track of your spend.

4. Keep the basics of your shopping.

The best part is you can keep the basics of your shopping the same week in and week out, just adding or subtracting for different meals. Look for items that are dual purpose, time saving or clutter saving. Unless you’re always on the look out, you won’t necessarily know there’s a gadget or appliance that came make your life easier. Stay up to date with what’s available and invest in good-quality products that make cooking more fun and easy. 

5. Get everyone involved.

Many hands make light work. If everyone pitches in to help with prep and cooking, you can make great meals in no time. Also, it’s the perfect chance for everyone in the household to catch up, recap on the day’s events and to get excited about what’s about the be dished up.

Expert Idea

Where possible cook double, store and freeze the leftovers. We love the reusable Stasher bags. They are made of pure platinum silicone and come with a unique pinch-lock seal.

Also these revolutionary stainless steel Cuitisan food containers. They go straight from freezer to your microwave oven. 

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Time Savers in the Kitchen
Life wasn’t meant to be easy. So simplify it where you can, right? Work, meal prep, cleaning, planning, kids… You’ve got enough to do and we’re all about making things easier and frankly, more fun.
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