By now, you’ll be more than a little aware that a beautifully organised pantry starts with the right type of storage containers – but then what?

You can stack and store to your heart’s content but if there’s no system in place, your pantry will quickly look dishevelled and fall into the unorganised chaos you’ve been trying to avoid.

Welcome to the magical world of zoning! You’re going to love it – and when you’ve gone to the trouble of investing in top quality pantry storage organisers, like these Oxo Good Grip Pop Containers, creating designated pantry zones is the next logical step.

Zone 1: Dried Food Basics

Pantry Zones: Dried Food

Start by selecting your weekly dried food staples and assign them to a prime, eye-level spot in your pantry then grab four or five containers of varying sizes to house them in (attractive, matching containers, like these, will help keep you motived).

Remember, zoning is all about adding convenience to your life so having dry ingredients like pasta and rice visible can go a long way in helping you stay on track of stock levels as well as inform dinner choices.

Zone 2: Breakfast Station

To get your day get off to the best possible start, group together coffee grounds, pods, tea bags, sugar, cereal, oats, granola, honey, spreads – whatever you favour for breakfast. We also like to place mugs, coffee pots, and other breakfast accessories in there too for added ease.

Ditch the half open packets of cardboard in favour of these cereal containers, which will lock in freshness AND help you see when it’s time to buy the next round.

Zone 3: Baking Essentials

Pantry Zones: Baking

If you’re not a baker you can skip this step – but if you are, having an area just for baking will be a blessing. Depending on how frequently you churn out goodies, we recommend placing this zone on a lower shelf or drawer and allocating flours and sugars handy pantry scoops.

Zone 4: Herbs & Spices

Now, most people automatically reach for the spice rack when organising their seasoning, but we’re big fans of an allocated spice drawer. If your pantry has an empty drawer that’s begging to be utilised, great news! If not… what about having a reshuffle in your kitchen? Most households have at least one messy drawer of shame that’s due for an upgrade.

Like these Oxo Good Grips Pop Mini Containers ? So do we and they’re super versatile. They come in sets of four and you can stack them or fit them in most standard-sized drawers neatly.

Zone 5: Top Shelf Treats

Pantry Zones: Top Shelf Treats

Got an abundance of sweet treats you don’t want the kids to know about or access easily? Put them up top! These Oxo Good Grips Pop Jars are perfect for housing all manner of naughty delights from popcorn and cookies through to fresh bakes and piles of leftover silly season chocolate.

Zone 6: Canned Goods & Reserves

You know what it’s like, you see a few good deals as you’re weaving between supermarket isles and the next thing you know you have enough tins of baked beans and soup to feed the family for a month.

So, what should you do with all those just in case/maybe next week buys? We say reserve some space for your overstock at the bottom of your pantry. Fish out a handful of cans you know you’ll dig into and add them to a Lazy Susan somewhere in the middle few shelves. The rest you can store out of sight until you run out – but don’t buy more until you’ve used up your overstock.

Ready to keep your pantry looking peachy keen?

Trust us, creating pantry zones is the way! And if you need a little help getting started look no further than Oxo Good Grips Pop Containers.

You’ll love them because:

  • They come in an array of sizes and sets
  • Keep ingredients same-day fresh
  • Have air tight seals and handy fill lines to guide you
  • The curved corners make pouring easy
  • They’re stackable and compact for convenience
  • They help to create clear and easy designated pantry zones

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6 Ways to Create Pantry Zones with Oxo
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6 Ways to Create Pantry Zones with Oxo
Storage containers alone won't create an organised pantry. For your pantry to stay clutter-free, there needs to be system in place: zoning. Here are six ways to zone your pantry with Oxo.

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