Any Turban Chopsticks fan knows their curry pastes are an easy go-to when it comes to whipping up scrumptious curries. In fact, many almost exactly follow the recipe because it’s so quick and delicious. But what you may not realise is Turban Chopsticks’ curry pastes are so much more versatile than your average curry paste jar. They’re little showoffs really.

Create some pretty magical dishes and flavours that are just as easy to pull together as Turban Chopsticks’ standard curry recipes. It’s all to do with the happy ingredients that go into each jar. Being a natural product filled with aromatic spices and flavours, Turban Chopsticks’ pastes are great as accompaniment, base, or enhancement to all types of savoury meals. In this guest post, Turban Chopsticks lists seven genius ways to cook with curry paste.

1. Stir-fry

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A stir-fry is everybody’s fave lazy meal and also a great way to use leftover protein or veggies. Elevate your average stir-fry to culinary greatness by adding a few tablespoons of curry paste to your usual ingredients. Then wok it up to get an instant flavour punch minus the fuss of creating such a complex flavour profile from scratch.

Stir-fry combos we love
Everyday: Stir-fry Satay Peanuts with chicken (or vegetarian alternative), capsicum, and broccoli
Lil’ bit fancy: Stir-fry Thai Red with duck, lychee, and cashews
Light and nutritious: Stir-fry Thai Green with tofu and mixed Asian greens or any mixed veggies
Going all-out: Stir-fry Butter Chicken with Bombay potatoes

2. Marinade

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Give your meat, seafood, tofu, and vegetables the star treatment by bathing them in a Turban Chopsticks curry paste marinade to soak up some fine exotic flavours.

Marinade combos we love
Everyday: Thai Red curry with grilled prawns on the BBQ
Lil’ bit fancy: Satay Peanuts over chicken and pineapple skewers
Light and nutritious: Thai Green spiced squid on the BBQ
Going all-out: Butter Chicken-flavoured tofu, capsicums, and mushroom skewers

3. Dip

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You’ll never have to worry about whipping up a last-minute grazing board if you have Turban Chopsticks’ curry pastes in your pantry. Add the curry pastes to your favourite dip base like yogurt, sour cream, coconut yoghurt, and tahini to make an amazing DIY dip you can serve with cheese, crackers, vegetables, grilled meats, seafood, and tofu. You can even dip some carrot and celery sticks straight into the jar if you want to. Don’t let us stop you.

Dip combos we love
Everyday: Satay Peanut and tahini
Lil’ bit fancy: Thai Green and sour cream
Light and nutritious: Butter Chicken and yoghurt
Going all-out: Thai Green and coconut yogurt

4. Spread

image credit – Turban Chopsticks

Spread your culinary wings and add our curry pastes over fresh bread and baguettes, toast, pizza bases, pita wraps, naan, roti, or even meats. Let these curry pastes bulk up your next carb or protein load.

Spread combos we love
Everyday: Satay Peanut chicken pizzas
Lil’ bit fancy: Butter Chicken and cheese roti wraps
Light and nutritious: Thai Green tofu and salad pita pockets
Going all-out: Thai Red fish tacos

5. Soup

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Add a spicy kick and flavour-bomb to your favourite soups, especially over the winter time for a truly warming and nourishing meal. Because a flavourless, lifeless soup is like bubble bath without bubbles, right?

Soup combos we love
Everyday: Thai Red spiced pumpkin and coconut soup
Lil’ bit fancy: Butter “Chicken” with chickpeas and capsicum
Light and nutritious: Thai Green chicken noodle and vegetable broth
Going all-out: Thai Red curry laksa

6. Roast

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Another place Turban Chopsticks’ curry pastes truly shine is when dressing up your everyday roast. Add all your typical roast ingredients like potatoes, pumpkin, beets, cauliflower, broccoli, meat, and seafood on a roasting pan, pour over a jar of your preferred curry paste, and bang it in the oven to get hot, tender, and devilishly good. Serve the roasting pan straight to the table topped with fresh herbs and you’re ready to feast with your loved ones.

Roast combos we love
Everyday: Roast Butter Chicken with potatoes and red capsicums
Lil’ bit fancy: Thai Red coconut-spiced fish bake with Asian greens
Light and nutritious: Thai Green sweet potato, coconut, and onion bake
Going all-out: Satay Peanut coconut chicken, brown rice, and green beans

7. Simmer sauce

Simmer Sauce
image credit – Turban Chopsticks

With the addition of fresh cream, coconut milk or stock you can transform any of our curry pastes into an incredible silky sauce to serve over your favourite meat, seafood or vegetables. Simply add a jar of curry paste to a small pot over low heat, add desired amount of chosen cream, milk or stock and let the two get intimate for a few minutes. Then pour over cooked meat, tofu and veg for a quick satisfying meal that takes virtually no effort but taste like heaven with a shade of naughty ;).

Simmer sauce combos we love
Everyday: Satay Peanut over steamed broccoli, chicken, and brown rice
Lil’ bit fancy: Sticky Thai Red over pork ribs
Light and nutritious: Thai Green over steamed greens and potato
Going all-out: Butter Chicken gravy over lamb roast

Just have fun with it. It’s hard to go wrong with Turban Chopsticks’ curry pastes.
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