Cake pops are adorable. They’re easy on the eyes, with different designs such as colourful sprinkles or smileys and alien heads, and taste sweet and yummy.

It’s easy enough to understand how to make cake pops; a lot of people actually prefer to do this at home. Making cake pops takes patience to learn, but definitely well worth it once you see how they stand out in the dessert table. Hopefully, doing these simple tricks will save you headaches, panic, and a mess of cake crumbs and chocolate melts.

Some people, first instance, find the cake pops swimming in the chocolate melt instead of being firmly stuck in the stick, resulting in cake balls instead of cake pops.



  1. Use a food processor to break up the cake. Your hands can do the work, but a food processor is much easier, saves time, and won’t leave off chunks of cake.
  2. One of the most common problems when making a cake pop is that the cake pop tends to fall off its stick. To avoid this, make sure that you roll the cake into the right size, approximately that of a golf ball, and not bigger because the stick will not be able to hold up the weight.
  3. Dip the stick halfway into the chocolate melt before poking it into the cake pop; this will “glue” the cake pop into the stick. As tempting as it is, don’t swirl the cake pop into the melt. Instead, simply dip it straight. Spoon the uncovered parts if you’re using a shallow bowl.
  4. Try double dripping the cake pop. This solves the problem of the coat having cracks when you store them in the fridge, and yey, there’s a double layer of chocolate!
  5. Sprinkle the decorations while the coat of the cake pop is still wet. Otherwise, the sprinkles won’t adhere to the surface.
  6. Want to go step further in decorating your cake pops? Here are other tips you might want to look at: To make evenly-sized cake pops, use a cookie scoop. Moist your hands a little with water, scoop up the cake dough, remove the excess bits with your finger, and roll into shape.
  7. Cake pops don’t all have to be round. Put the cake crumbles in a baking pan and press a cookie cutter against it. You’ll have heart-, star-, or flower-shaped cake pops.
  8. As an alternative to sprinkles, you can drizzle lines of a different-coloured, melted chocolate. For a chocolate cake pop, decorate with lines of pink or white chocolate. The contrasting colours add to its appeal.

Let your inner kid out and make up different designs. Drizzle white chocolate to draw a butterfly or create facial expressions on the cake pops. It’ll be a sure hit in parties, family get-together, and cook-outs. Try our Oreo Cream Cheese Cake Pops?

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