Some of you might think that being locked in the Melville store overnight would be a drag for an 80-kilo panda who needs to eat 30 kilos of bamboo a day.

Not so. Apart from enjoying the peace after all the die-hard Kitchen Warehouse customers have gone home to sous vide their lamb shoulders and create perfect pavlova in their KitchenAids, I start working my way through all the bamboo ranges in store.

Dinner usually starts with a couple of Scanpan bamboo steamers, moves through the Stephanie Alexander range of tableware and accessories then onto Bobo and Boo who do some do some really tasty kids dinner sets in a pop of pastel colours.

Once I’ve worked my way through these I usually head over to the board section for some nice Joseph Joseph Chop to Pot boards and a couple of Totally Bamboo Greenlite Utility Boards. To complete the evening meal I tuck into some sushi mats and then use the soft bamboo soft material holding them together to floss. I love bamboo because it’s sustainable, fast growing, and looks magnificent.

All the eating usually takes around 14 hours and I do need a bit of digestion time so I grab a couple of hours’ sleep among the Kitchen Warehouse brand tea towels. Pandas only play for around 3% of their day so you’d be lucky to catch me in action. Although, I’ve heard if you keep your eyes on the Kitchen Warehouse Instagram live feed you may just catch me in the act.

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Kate Flower is a food stylist, recipe developer and devoted eater. Follow her on Instagram @kateflowerfood.

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Kate Flower is a food stylist, recipe developer, and devoted eater. Follow her on Instagram @kateflowerfood or check out her website at

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