Composting at Home with Peter Critch

Composting at home

Ever thought of giving composting a go? It’s never too late to learn how. In this guest post, composting expert Peter Critch, project manager at Subpod, excitedly shares the benefits of creating your own compost and how easy it is to try at home. His easy-to-follow tips will definitely have anyone, even beginners, just as excited to start giving back to nature by reusing our waste, rebuilding the soil, and growing our own food.

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How to Nourish Your Body

How to Nourish Your Body

In a world full of confusing food messages, it is such a relief to find food educators who help us cut through the trends and hype to what really counts in your every day nutritional intake. Throughout February, Kitchen Warehouse is celebrating wellness which is being strongly driven by our wellness warriors who are running a range of workshops around eating for good health. Continue reading “How to Nourish Your Body”

7 Genius Ways to Cook with Curry Paste

Genuis Ways to Cook Curry Paste

Any Turban Chopsticks fan knows their curry pastes are an easy go-to when it comes to whipping up scrumptious curries. In fact, many almost exactly follow the recipe because it’s so quick and delicious. But what you may not realise is Turban Chopsticks’ curry pastes are so much more versatile than your average curry paste jar. They’re little showoffs really.
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