A Golden Roasted Chicken

Golden Roast Chicken

A Golden Roasted Chicken

This month’s cookbook of the month pick is Feast, by Nigella Lawson. A book I’ve had for some time, 11 years to be exact, but I never had ventured particularly too far from her chapters on Christmas or the Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame, both filled with plenty of recipes that make the book worthwhile on their own. The subtitle, food that celebrates life is exactly what this book is about, effortless food that brings people together.
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Donal Skehan teaches me how to Grill an Avocado

“Grilled steaks or lamb cutlets with young vegetables make the most delightful of summer meat dishes” says the late Elizabeth David, in her book “Summer Cooking published originally in 1955. Grilled food is the ultimate way to enjoy eating in summer, its fast and simple and doesn’t involve hours on end in a sweltering kitchen.
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Cookbook of the Month: EAT . LIVE . GO

We’re constantly told we need to eat our five a day, now I consider myself a relatively healthy person (relatively, because at the time of writing I’m eating a brownie) but getting enough vegetables into my diet, and no doubt your diet isn’t always easy. One of the simplest ways to do this is to swap about some of your everyday carbs with vegetable substitutes – think cauliflower rice or courgetti (zucchini that’s been spiralised into a spaghetti-like ribbons).

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