Traditional Greek Easter Bread Tsoureki-min

Greek Easter Bread Recipe

Want to make Easter extra special? Celebrate like the Greeks do and try this traditional Greek bread recipe at home. Traditionally made on Maundy Thursday and served on Easter Sunday, this sweet and light braided loaf called tsoureki comes bright and celebratory with its symbolic red dyed egg on top. It’s made with the two Greek spices mahlepi and masticha, giving tsoureki a distinct and delectable aromatic smell.


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Blog Zurich city guide

Zurich City Guide

If you’re looking for a place to try out Switzerland’s specialties, look no further than Zurich. It has everything from the best Swiss cheeses to the finest chocolates. And with a picturesque view of the converging Lake Zurich and Limmat River, and the breathtaking Swiss Alps, it’s no wonder many consider a trip to this luxurious city a must. (more…)

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Blog Bologna city guide

Bologna City Guide

Amid the medieval streets and historic structures of the Italian city of Bologna is a storied food tradition. It’s quite simple, really; it’s either handmade, cooked for hours, or preserved for years. Bologna, after all, has been doing artisan and gourmet long before they became food buzzwords. Let this guide transport you to the beautiful world of traditional pasta, fine cheese, cured meat, and exquisite wine. (more…)

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