Caesar Salad Recipe

Caesar Salad

Bacon and Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

Italian-American restaurateur Caesar Cardini created the caesar salad using a collection of left-over ingredients at his restaurant in Tijuana Mexico. Caesar opened the restaurant in Mexico for Americans wishing to avoid the restrictions of prohibition. The original Caesar salad, made from Romaine, garlic, croutons, parmesan cheese, boiled eggs, olive oil and Worcestershire Sauce was an immediate hit and has gone on to become an international sensation.
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Favourite Desserts: Cheesecake


Easy Lemon Cheesecake for a quick, yummy dessert

For barbeque season, friends popping round or just a sweet tooth this lemon cheesecake recipe is fantastically quick to make and is so delicious it will be eaten just as quickly. Make sure you have a block of cream cheese in the fridge and a can of condensed milk in the cupboard at all times for cheesecake emergencies.
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Cocktail Hour: Negroni

Negroni Recipe

Start the night with a bang with the intense Negroni, a martini derivative served in a crystal tumbler with a slice of orange. The Negroni was created in Florence in 1919 at Carre Casoni, for Count Camillo Negroni who asked for his favourite Americano be strengthened with gin – an orange garnish replaced the lemon garnish to differentiate it. Stock yourself up with all your vital cocktail making equipment at Kitchen Warehouse, including a fantastic range of glasses for all drink occasions.
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Kombucha Recipe

Kombucha Recipe

Kombucha = Probiotics = Great Taste and Great Health

Kombucha is tangy, effervescent and delicious – no wonder it is the current go-to drink. Fermented Kombucha is full of healthy probiotics to promote your overall health – starting with the digestive system. You can make your own Kombucha at home to enjoy and share with friends inexpensively. Get your Kombucha Brewing Jar at Kitchen Warehouse to provide a controlled, reusable brewing environment for this healthy and tasty drink. This recipe makes 1 litre of Kombucha.
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Yogurt Recipe for Probiotic Health

Yogurt Recipe

Greek Yoghurt

Including regular amounts of natural yogurt in your diet will deliver plenty of health benefits. The live cultures that turn milk into yogurt contain probiotics, beneficial in boosting immunity, digestion and in reducing eczema and infections. Yogurt also includes protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins B2 and B12. The best way to ensure your yogurt is full of probiotics is to make it yourself with a Mad Millie Yoghurt making kit from Kitchen Warehouse. Use yogurt in cooking, baking, on your cereal and add fruit to make frozen treats with an Ice-cream and Frozen yogurt maker.
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Lasagne recipe

Lasagne Recipe

Tasty lasagne is always popular and is easy to make for a family meal. Use whichever mince you have in the freezer: lamb mince is rich and moist, beef mince is drier with a stronger taste, while pork mince is fine and light to eat and they all taste great imbued with rich tomato sauce combined with creamy cheese bechamel. Grab a pie dish just right for your family online from Kitchen Warehouse, or visit us to peruse the great range of shapes, sizes and materials.
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Halloumi Salad

Halloumi Salad

The salty flavour of warm Halloumi is the perfect foil for sweet watermelon in this tasty salad. Halloumi cheese was initially made during the Medieval Byzantine period by the local Greek population in Cyprus and is often served warm as it does not melt when heated. Traditional halloumi is made from unpasteurised sheep and goat milk though it can also be made from cow’s milk.
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Dill Pickles

Dill Pickles

Get natural probiotics from fermented cucumbers.

Probiotics are naturally occurring bacteria that go a long way to promoting good health. They are beneficial in boosting immunity and digestion and in reducing eczema and infections. The fermenting process creates a healthy dose of probiotics that you can absorb as you enjoy delicious pickles in sandwiches and salads or just on their own for a tasty, nutritious snack. This recipe makes eight one litre jars of pickles. Pickles will last for up to two years, stored in a cool, dry place.
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