Chicken Pilaf Recipe

Chicken pilaf recipe by Le Creuset

Hearty meals can be quick. This chicken pilaf cooks in under an hour in one pot to boot! It’s the perfect dish to warm you up during cool autumn nights.

Incorporating herbs and spices from all over the world, this chicken pilaf is full of exciting flavours and wonderful textures, with rice, nuts, and fresh pomegranate. The Greek yogurt also adds a cool, tart, and creamy element to this one-pot wonder. You’ll be making this chicken pilaf so often, you’ll probably add your name to the recipe.
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Raw Peanut Butter Slice Recipe

Raw Peanut Butter Slice Recipe

Looking for a super indulgent dessert that ticks all the healthy boxes? Is that even possible?

Look no further. The lovely wellness coach Shan Cooper of My Food Religion has us salivating at the mere image of this raw peanut butter slice. It’s got no processed sugar, no flour, no dairy, nothing traditional desserts have, requires no baking, and yet tastes as sinful…but isn’t. This is a wholly vegan and gluten-free recipe with a lot of natural and whole ingredients that are good for you.

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Gut-Loving Hulk Smoothie Recipe

Gut-loving Hulk smoothie recipe

When it comes to unusual smoothie combinations, wellness coach and foodie Shan Cooper of My Food Religion has had her fair share of experiments and successes. This gut-friendly smoothie is one such all-around hit—packed with loads of good stuff (Kombucha! Spinach! Zucchini!), is unbelievably tasty and a cinch to make. Use this bright green smoothie to start your morning right or drink it to cool down on a sizzling summer day.

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