New to meal prepping? This time-saving task involves preparing ingredients or cooking meals in advance that you can store and eat later. And with the help of a few essential kitchen tools, meal prepping can easily become your weekly habit.

What is meal prep?

It’s a rewarding kitchen activity of preparing food ahead of time for you to store then eat throughout the week. Meal prep can be done by cooking food in big batches, portioning full meals that you can reheat at mealtimes, or preparing ready-to-cook ingredients.

Why meal prep?

To save time, energy, and money

Making meals ahead means you spend less time cooking during the week. It saves energy as you have meals or ingredients prepared in one go. Meals are also less expensive when cooked at home.

To reduce food waste

Meal prep teaches you to plan and only buy enough food for what you need for a certain period of time.

To eat healthier meals

By meal prepping, you have full control of how you cook your food and what goes into every dish.

To bring out your creativity

One of best things about meal prep is it allows you to mix and match your prepared ingredients. The addition of herbs, condiments, and a few pantry staples also let you turn one prepared dish into something new.

To keep you organised

Meal prep keeps you focused and relaxed during your busiest days. By planning ahead, you don’t have to settle on eating unhealthy meals or cook dinner after a tiring day at work.

What makes meal prep easier?

Easy meal prep starts with a good meal plan. Make a checklist of the ingredients you need to buy then decide how you will be preparing them at home. Check if you have the proper kitchen tools and storage containers. Here’s a few essentials you’ll be needing.

1. Meal prep containers and glass jars

There’s no point doing the prep if you don’t have the right containers to store your prepped food in to keep it nice and fresh. After preparing and cooking your meal prep ingredients, transfer them in containers for fridge or freezer storage. Multi-compartment containers are best for storing full meals to go. Glass containers make contents easier to see and can also go into the oven for reheating food. Clip-top glass jars are great for storing dips, veggie sticks, smoothies and overnight oats in an airtight seal.

Easy Meal Prep Glasslock Containers

2. Multi cookers

Stovetop pressure cookers are important for meal prepping grains, rice, and meat in less time, plus they can double as a stew pot or saucepan. A slow cooker is also a good option as it lets you cook while doing other prep tasks. On the other hand, a multi-cooker can do both pressure and slow cooking and more.

Easy Meal Prep Tefal Multi Cooker

When choosing the right cooker, consider the meals you plan to frequently cook and the amount of food you need to prepare. Having an electric cooker may also be a better choice if you want your stovetop free for other meal prepping tasks.

3. Roasting pans and baking trays

To save more time during meal prep, use the oven to prepare other dishes while cooking on the stovetop or with your electric cooker. Roasting pans have side walls, making them ideal for cooking proteins in larger portions or food with sauces. The lower rims of baking trays allow oven heat to easily penetrate food, which is perfect for quick roasting.

Easy Meal Prep Baking Tray

For meal prepping, versatile enamel baking trays are lightweight for easy cleaning and storage. These can also be used on gas and electric stovetops. Non-stick roasting pans are perfect for easy meal prepping with a quick clean-up. We also recommend having pans and trays in different sizes so you can fit more trays in the oven and cook different dishes at the same time.

4. Food processors, spiralisers, and mandolines

If you have a big family, peeling and slicing a large amount of ingredients can take time. Food processors let you prep faster with more consistent results. Choose a food processor with interchangeable discs or blades that can also grate, dice, or shred food so you can do more with one appliance.

Easy Meal Prep KitchenAid Spiralizer

Spiralisers and mandolines are also useful additions to your meal prepping kit. These tools let you add different textures and shapes to food, making meals more appealing. Spiraliser attachments that connect to electric mixers or food processors are ideal for easy meal prepping. For mandolines, it is good to have one that is heavy-duty; comes with non-slip feet; and can slice, julienne, and cut food into waffle shapes.

5. Blenders

While waiting for your food to cook, you can make dips or make-ahead smoothies with a blender. Some blenders come with dedicated buttons for blending specific food items to make meal prep easier. Others are also equipped with adjustable timers to let you multitask and not worry about over mixing.

Easy Meal Prep KitchenAid Blender

Stick blenders are more ideal when meal prepping soups, so you can blend directly in the pot without having to transfer hot ingredients into a regular blender jug. These also usually include interchangeable accessories, so you can use the same appliance for whipping and chopping when needed.

Ready to start meal prepping? This step-by-step guide can help you work more efficiently in the kitchen. Or include this delicious meatball recipe on your meal prep checklist.

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