Easy, 3hrs 30 mins

Classy Recipe and also most people who don’t like traditional trifle go mad for this.;Best made the day/evening before required and topped with whipped cream on easter morning! By Charlotte Parnell


  • 1 passionfruit
  • 1-2 Jam Sponge Rolls (depending on size of roll and of your trifle bowl)
  • A festive amount Cointreau
  • Goodly amount sliced strawberries and other soft fruit (Mangoes, Berries etc., tinned Peaches also work well)
  • Enough home made custard to make a 3cm layer of custard in your trifle bowl (store bought custard isn’t thick enough & isn’t tasty enough)
  • Whipped cream to top
  • Chopped/slivered nuts for the top if desired. Cherries are also optional


  1. Slice jam sponge rolls into 2cm thick slices and fit into bottom of trifle dish.
  2. I pack the slices in fairly tightly but keep each slice whole.
  3. Sprinkle with a festive amount of Cointreau and leave to soak whilst making the jelly.
  4. Make jelly as per packet instructions and leave aside to cool slightly.
  5. Meanwhile, place sliced soft fruit on top of the cake slices in the trifle bowl.
  6. Pour over still warm jelly to cover the fruit and cake. Refrigerate until set.
  7. When jelly is set, make custard, ensuring a thick consistency.
  8. Cool cooked custard over an ice bowl and then place enough to add 3cm of height to the set jelly mix.
  9. Top with at least 2cm of whipped cream and nuts/cherries as desired.

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