What is a piping tip?

Piping, or icing tips, are the nozzles you put at the end of the piping bag and create all those wonderful shapes and patterns when you squeeze the icing through.

So what is a Russian Piping Tip?

Russian piping tips are basically stencils at the end of a piping tip, rather than a slot. This means the icing flowers pretty much make themselves as you force the buttercream or icing through the tip end.

Tips to Using the Russian Cake Decorating Nozzles

  • The larger size of Russian tips require a larger piping bag.
  • Firm buttercream works best – should be stiff and hold its shape before use. Placing the buttercream in the fridge for a few minutes will firm it up.

How to Use Russian Cake Decorating Tips

  • Hold the tip directly above and parallel to the icing surface.
  • Squeeze piping bag and ease the bag slowly upwards at the same speed the icing is released. Keep the bag straight.
  • When the flower is the height you require pull the bag smoothly away, leaving the flower intact.

Make Multi-coloured flowers:

Fill your piping bag with chunks of different coloured buttercream, ensuring they do not blend in the bag.

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