Getting in touch with nature is a great way to replenish the soul, especially when you take life’s little luxuries with you. You don’t need to deprive yourself of freshly ground coffee beans, homemade pancakes and fresh chantilly cream for your hot chocolate just because you are sleeping in a tent!

Kitchen Warehouse have the latest in innovative appliances that you can pack with you, take into the great outdoors and enjoy nature without sacrificing your taste buds.

Fresh Pancake Mix, Mayonnaise and Whipped Cream, electricity free.

Cookut have introduced a whipping device into their containers that let you prepare pancakes, mayonnaise and whipped cream on the go, without your trusty hand mixer. Simply add the ingredients to the container and shake. Pour the pancake batter onto a heavy based pan over the fire, or directly onto your BBQ hot plate.

Always take the coffee with you…Freshly ground beans, french pressed coffee and frothy milk in the bush.

Grind your favourite beans with one of our coffee grinders to produce fresh beans ready to brew. Prepare the coffee in your coffee plunger or travel coffee press to take your little luxuries with you wherever you want to be. You can even add a nice frothy top with a battery powered milk frother. Heat the milk over the fire in a stainless steel milk pan and froth when warm.

Boil water in the convenience of a kettle on the hotplate with a sturdy yet stylish stovetop kettle. Keep your hot beverages ready to drink in a double walled vacuum flask or travel mug that will keep your tea or coffee hot for up to 8 hours.

Fresh juice for nutrient hit.

A leveraged orange squeezer lets you prepare freshly squeezed orange juice effortlessly, directly into your tumbler.

Freshly tossed salad

Prepare your salad fresh using a hand operated salad spinner, and enjoy with home-made vinaigrette or mayonnaise quickly made with a salad dressing shaker from Kitchen Warehouse.

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