When it comes to choosing good cast iron cookware, Victoria and Lodge easily top the list. Both brands make versatile, non-toxic, and naturally non-stick products of heirloom quality. But which one should you choose? Read on to learn the key differences between Lodge and Victoria and find out which products you should try.

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Based in Tennessee, USA, Lodge has a storied history going back to 1896. This multi-generational family-owned business founded by Joseph Lodge has stood the test of time on the strength of its products, manufacturing, and relentless innovation.

Lodge Signature Features

Lodge’s cast iron skillet is probably the product it is most known for and, arguably, one of the most iconic pieces of cast iron cookware. Here are some distinct product features that have made Lodge a household name.

  • Straight, Teardrop Handle. This handle was based on Joseph Lodge’s original design and has been an integral part of Lodge cast iron skillets ever since. The company tried using other shapes, but found that customers preferred the traditional handle. Its length sufficiently provides a great grip, balance, and control.
  • Mid-Sized Walls. This feature prevents steam from forming within the pan. It is particularly useful when you are using your cast iron skillet for searing. 
  • Twin Pour Spouts. After giving your steaks a good sear, an accompanying sauce typically follows. This is where the twin side spouts come in handy. They are fairly small and slightly curved but can effectively pour your sauces without the messy drips.
  • Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron. Said to be the first to introduce the concept, Lodge began pre-seasoning its products back in 2002. It uses soybean oil for its pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. Thanks to this development, anyone can use their newly purchased cast iron pan straight out of the box.
  • Size Range and Variety. There is a Lodge pan for every cooking need, from mini skillets to large 30cm pans. Lodge also offers other types of cast iron cookware, including Dutch ovens, stovetop grills, and bakeware.

Top Lodge Cast Iron Picks

  • Lodge Cast Iron Combo Cooker 26cm. This cast iron pan is deep, making it ideal for sauteing and frying. The best part is, it comes with a lid that can double as a griddle or shallow skillet.
  • Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet 26cm. Perhaps one of its most popular pans, this skillet has ample cooking surface for most family-sized recipes. The helper handle and pour spouts are also quite handy.
  • Lodge Logic Cast Iron Dutch Oven 4.7L. No camping trip is complete without this essential. This Dutch oven can safely cook shared meals on the grill or open flame. It’s also great for baking bread.

Victoria Cast Iron Cookware

Victoria was born out of the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Raúl Mejía. At 16, Raul started a small casting business making metallic toy soldiers and decorative crosses. Later on, he created a grain mill which would become one of Victoria’s signature products and mark the beginning of Victoria cookware. Today, this proudly Colombian three-generation family business is well known internationally for its cast iron cookware and kitchen tools.

Victoria Signature Features

Victoria expertly combines traditional casting techniques with its unique design ideas. It has innovated on traditional cast iron cookware while enhancing what people love about this material. Here are some of its noteworthy features.

  • Curved, Longer Handle. Cast iron pans can get hot while on the stovetop. A longer handle helps keep it away from the flame. In addition, making it curved improves its leverage and grip.
  • Wide Helper Handle. A helper handle is essential because of cast iron’s weight. This gives you extra support when handling a hot skillet. The extra width also makes it easier to grab the handle when you have an oven glove slipped on.
  • Contoured Pour Spouts. Victoria’s skillets and saucepans come with defined ear-like spouts on both sides. The contours allow clean and easy pouring of sauces and glaze. 
  • Smooth Seasoned Surface. This smooth surface makes Victoria’s seasoned cast iron a joy to cook with and clean. Pre-seasoning it with organic flaxseed oil results in a ready-to-use cast iron pan with enhanced non-stick properties.
  • Toughened Form. Victoria cast iron pans are made with a warp-resistant base and thicker edge, adding to their already heavy-duty form.

Top Victoria Cast Iron Picks

  • Victoria Seasoned Cast Iron Tortilla Press 20cm. Not exactly a cast iron cookware, yet this tortilla press is a massive customer favourite and time-saver if you love making tortillas and flatbreads from scratch. It has a riveted and strengthened handle and reinforced base for flattening dough evenly.
  • Victoria Seasoned Cast Iron Wok 35.5cm. The base of this large cast iron wok is tested to ensure that you can safely cook with it without the risk of toppling over. It comes with wide side handles for a better grip as well as a generous curved surface that is perfect for stir-frying, deep-frying, and steaming.

Cast iron cookware is a true kitchen essential. They suit any heat source and cooking method. And when properly cared for, they can last a lifetime and can be passed down to generations of great cooks within the family. Learn more about cast iron cookware and how to season them in this article.

Lodge vs Victoria Cast Iron Cookware
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Lodge vs Victoria Cast Iron Cookware
When it comes to choosing good cast iron cookware, Victoria and Lodge easily top the list. But which one should you choose? Read on to learn the key differences between Lodge and Victoria and find out which products you should try.
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