Celebrating Australian Made

Fonte “Tough Love” Cast Iron pan

photo-1024x768We are loving the newly arrived Fonte SOLIDTEKNICS “Tough Love” Cast Iron pan. We love it because it is designed & made in Australia and features a unique love handle. It is solid, designed to last a lifetime and perfect for our harsh land. Home grown Australian talent, Mark J. Henry, a Mechanical Engineer with decades of designing knives and equipment for chefs in Australia, USA and France and the founder/designer of the iconic FURI Knives, has applied his vision, expertise and love for food to the creation of this trending, yet multi-generationally proven cookware. Continue reading “Celebrating Australian Made”

Go Green Smoothie

If you are going to get motivated and make some changes in your life the New Year can provide a much needed catalyst for this. Healthy living seems to be high on everyone’s list post the festive season over indulgences. Getting on the green smoothie bandwagon is not for all but if you fancy giving it a crack why not consider investing in a Vitamix. This is arguably Australia’s best and most powerful blender and makes healthy living easy. For the die hards here is a smoothie recipe that will throw you in the deep end of the  green smoothie cult. Personally I like my smoothies not so hard core. Continue reading “Go Green Smoothie”

Baking Beautiful Sourdough at Home with Daragh from Wild Bakery

Sourdough Daragh

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly baked sourdough bread to create an inviting atmosphere and make a house feel like a home. A satisfying and nurturing process, sourdough baking at home requires plenty of love and patience, but the effort is well worth it, yielding delicious, mouth-watering results. Daragh Grier of Wild Bakery even shares his tips and recipe to help you recreate this beautiful bread from scratch.

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How To Cook The Perfect BBQ Steak

Grilled Steak

Barbecue steak is inarguably one of the most popular and favoured dishes amongst meat lovers. But whilst many can easily indulge themselves in a tender, juicy steak, not everyone has the skill (and yes, the courage) to cook a wonderful steak on the grill. One reason is that cooking the perfect BBQ steak requires some knowledge as well as proper care or handling. After all steaks are made from the more expensive cuts of meat, so the least we’d want is to have an overcooked or burnt steak, which would also mean a waste of money and resources.
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