Breakfast in Bed Surprise: Tips from Kitchen Warehouse Mums

Breakfast in Bed

Mums are simply amazing. They can manage to be fabulous at work and still be our fun and caring mums at home. So on mum’s special day, show how much you appreciate her by treating her to a delicious breakfast, delivered right to her cosy bed! Need help in choosing the perfect recipe? Check out these hints from our super mums at Kitchen Warehouse.

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Fathers and Sons: The Kitchen Warehouse Story

Kitchen Warehouse Fathers and Sons

John Macaulay had already been running Kitchen Warehouse for a number years in 2003, yet nothing quite prepared him for what he was going to take on next: his first 1000-square-meter store.

“When the building was handed over to us,” recalled John, “It struck me, ‘How are we going to fill up this big, huge space?’ We’ve never experienced anything like that. To sit there wondering, ‘How is this going to happen?’”

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Kitchen Warehouse Introduces Monthly Recipe Blogger, Jonathan Baker

Kitchen Warehouse is excited to introduce Jonathan Baker who will be the newest monthly contributor to our Appetite Blog. Jonathan will be trying out recipes and blogging about them for us on the Kitchen Warehouse blog so you can use his experience to cook the best recipes from around the globe.

Jonathan is a baker by name and by nature as well as being a cookbook enthusiast. Jonathan prefers cookbooks that provide an insight into the personality of the author. Why does the author want him to try this or that recipe? Why is this way or that way the better way to cook? The text surrounding the recipe is equally as important as a glossy photo for this reason.

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Kitchen Warehouse and Kitchenware Direct join forces


On 1st June 2016 Kitchen Warehouse joined forces with Kitchenware Direct. For over 15 years Kitchenware Direct has grown into a dominant online kitchenware retailer selling kitchenware throughout Australia and Internationally. Kitchen Warehouse opened its doors in 1996 and has developed into the largest kitchenware bricks and mortar stores in Australia. Continue reading “Kitchen Warehouse and Kitchenware Direct join forces”