Fonte “Tough Love” Cast Iron pan

photo-1024x768We are loving the newly arrived Fonte SOLIDTEKNICS “Tough Love” Cast Iron pan. We love it because it is designed & made in Australia and features a unique love handle. It is solid, designed to last a lifetime and perfect for our harsh land. Home grown Australian talent, Mark J. Henry, a Mechanical Engineer with decades of designing knives and equipment for chefs in Australia, USA and France and the founder/designer of the iconic FURI Knives, has applied his vision, expertise and love for food to the creation of this trending, yet multi-generationally proven cookware.

The Fonte pans are unlike any cast iron before them, designed with ‘Love Handles’ for their long ergonomic handles with heart-shaped palm pad and a graceful French-influenced ‘Lyonnaise sauteuse’ pan shape. This Cast Iron retains the best natural properties of cast iron pans e.g. even heating and high temperature searing ability, and their famous multi-century durability. The safest materials to cook on, with no chemicals, just natural oil seasoning. Not to mention that this incredible cast iron is designed and manufactured in Australia!


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