Have you adapted the “Kon-Mari method” yet? Dedicate some time this month to a pantry purge and enjoy the leaner, lighter feeling your kitchen will have as a result.

We can all agree that the pantry can always use some kindness & dedication. Clear it up and clear out those unwanted perishables with dents, any bags or boxes with rips & tears and any expired items or food with an unknown purchase date. After the sorting is done it’s time to Categorize, Clean and Organize.


Categorize your pantry as you would find in a grocery store. Group together the canned goods, spices, oils, cereals etc. Keeping your pantry categorized like this helps when deciding what items you need when heading to the shops or making a meal.


Clean your shelves floor and old containers before re-stocking your pantry. You want to be proud of your newly stocked and categorized pantry so dust, wipe and vacuum in every visible surface.


Organizing your pantry is the part that helps you keep it clean. For a clean, uniform and uncluttered pantry use items like air tight containers, canisters, spice racks, shelf dividers under shelf baskets to store your food in their correct categories.


Live a decluttered life in the kitchen for positivity and mindfulness.

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