Read on to get that elusive silky foam topping your Cappuccino.

Your new coffee machine is producing the perfect crema and a rich espresso so you know have your grind just right. But if you are topping your cappuccino with flat foam, a massive milk bubble or a stiff meringue you are doing it wrong. Follow these tips to make the perfect microfoam that pours out like sauce and has a rich, sweet taste. To prepare your espresso, go to our Coffee Machine Use and Care guide.

Tip: For the best, silky cappuccino foam use full fat, whole milk.



For 150 ml Cappuccino

  • 85ml cold, whole milk directly from the fridge
  • 25ml espresso coffee


  1. Turn on espresso machine and heat to normal brewing temperature.
  2. Fill jug between a third and half way with cold milk.
  3. Fully submerge thermometer into milk.
  4. Ensure steam is dry by releasing steam from wand into an empty container until it runs dry. Release again briefly after 20 seconds.
  5. Dip wand into milk at a 450 angle and turn on jet. Lower the jug as the volume increases and a vortex is created, keeping the tip submerged and tilted.
  6. Continue steaming until the thermometer reads 650 and volume has doubled.
  7. Remove jug from wand and tap base firmly onto benchtop, compressing the foam.
  8. Put milk aside and prepare espresso in a large cappuccino cup.
  9. Pour foamed milk directly into cup. Begin by aiming for the centre then continue pouring in a circular motion outwards towards the rim.

Cleaning Tip: Release steam briefly to remove any milk residue. Wipe with a cloth and discard any unused milk immediately.

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