We ask 10 outstanding food bloggers to share recipes they learnt from the significant mother in their lives. Olivia Anderson of Flat Out Mum is kind enough to share her Mum’s secret to crispy roast vegetables with us this Mother’s Day which she tells us is very easy and low maintenance.    



  • Vegetables of your choice for roasting  (i.e Potatoes, Carrots, Pumpkin)
  • Olive oil
  • Flour for lightly dusting
  • Salt & pepper to season


  1. Prepare your vegetables at roughly the same size
  2. boil them for 5 minutes before they go in the oven. his little step will help them cook a lot faster.
  3. Lightly dust them with flour before they go in your oven tray. This is the KEY to fast, crispy & delicious roasted vege’s! Once drained they are warm, rough on the edges & perfect to dust with flour.
  4. Add a little oil & salt on them too & they will crisp up a treat!
  5. Pop them straight into a 180 degree oven for 50 minutes (can be a little longer if your meat is still cooking (it’s all about the coordination!) Voila, there is a very easy & low maintenance dinner.

Find out how to make the best pan gravy after using Olivia’s roasting tips here: https://blog.kitchenwarehouse.com.au/how-to-make-gravy/

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