Nothing looks more festive than having a colourful array of food beautifully arranged in one platter. Every piece looks so inviting you just want to try them all! And with the Christmas holiday coming up, `tis the perfect season to start planning creative food platters to serve to your guests. To add more magic to your party spread, here’s a few DIY Christmas platter ideas to inspire you and help you get started.

Something Light and Healthy

Yes, we know it’s Christmas time—a time to indulge and give in to your cravings. But serving vegetable platters for your holiday party does not mean bland food on the table. With a little know-how on beautiful vegetable or fruit cuts and a few tasty dip recipes up your sleeve, you can turn humble produce into something exciting. It’s the perfect way to add freshness to your menu and colour to your party spread.

Christmas Platter
Salads are not just for serving bowls. They make great-looking edible holiday wreaths, too.

Something Hearty

Now, a great complement to go with your crudite arrangement is a platter of moist and juicy meat or seafood. A party is not a party without something hearty after all. If you are serving this type of platter, choose smaller cuts of meat that cook fairly quickly on the grill. Or if you are opting for store-bought cold cuts and deli, choose those with different colours and flavours to make a feast for the tummy as well as the eyes.

Christmas Platter
Holiday food gifts? These mini prosciutto parcels with a surprise filling inside are the perfect appetisers to serve this season of giving.

Something in Between

If you are having a hard time deciding between healthy and hearty, serving both in one grand platter is the best way to go! No one will say no to a tray of meat and vegetables served in between slices of toasted bread. This holiday platter also takes less time to put together. With make-ahead fillings stashed in your fridge, this is the best holiday platter to accommodate your last-minute party guests.

Christmas Platter
Take your sandwich platter to the next level and dress it up by creating this yummy Christmas tree with layers of bread, lettuce, and ham. Use different cookie cutters to add an element of fun.

Something Sweet

Don’t forget the little kids (and kids at heart!) coming to your party. Anything with sugar and chocolate arranged on a vibrant platter or cake stand is a guaranteed party hit. If you are a budding chocolatier, making homemade bark or mendiants is a great twist to the usual chocolate truffle. Or if you are hosting a party for adults only, serve your chocolate platter with fruit, cheese, and glasses of wine. Discovering new food pairings is just as exciting as biting onto a piece good dark chocolate.

Christmas Platter
Put your kids’ drawing skills to good use and make these snowman marshmallow pops—perfect for your holiday fondue platter or as a stirrer for your hot chocolate.

The ways to present any Christmas platter are endless. With so many possible options, what is most important is to choose a platter that your invited guests will enjoy. Choose Christmas platter combinations that complement each other and will not be too difficult to set up. Lastly, if you love making things with your hands, this is perfect chance to put your creativity to the test and turn everyday food into delicious works of art.

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