Applying a dry rub is essential when making BBQ Ribs. The combination of salt, sugar, herbs, and spices will fully enhance the meat’s flavour, add some heat, and help create a tasty surface crust. Try this southern american style dry rub for full flavour with a touch sweetness and a hint of heat.


Marinate for 4 – 8 hours
Soak wood chips for 1 hour in cold water, then drain.

    • 3 racks baby back pork ribs
    • 1/4 cup sweet paprika
    • 4 tsps freshly ground black pepper
    • 4 tsps dark brown sugar
    • 1 tsps salt
    • 1 tsps cayenne pepper
    • 1 tsps garlic powder
    • 1 tsps dry mustard
    • 1 tsps ground cumin
    • (Feel free to add more or less of spices, flavours to your preference)


    1. Start by rinsing the ribs under running cold water; making sure to get rid of any loose meat, fat, or bone particles. After rinsing, blot the slab dry with paper towels.
    2. Pull off the thin sheet of skin from the back of the ribs. Try holding the ribs with a paper towel to stop from slipping.
    3. Combine all dry ingredients in a food processor and pulse until mixed. (alternatively you can use a whisk). Use ⅔ of your mixture to rub over the ribs. Remember to rub over both sides.. Now transfer the ribs to a roasting pan. Cover and let marinade in the fridge between 4 to 8 hours.
    4. Place your smoker box directly on top of one of the burners you will be using on your gas bbq and turn the burner to the maximum heat. Once smoke starts to emit from the grill, turn the burner to medium-low.
    5. Now place the slab of ribs on the grate over the burner not in use. Maintain a temperature of 225 to 235 degrees throughout the cooking duration. Cover the grill and smoke cook the ribs for 1 hour.
    6. To check your ribs are done, stick a toothpick between two bones – If it goes in and out of the meat without resistance then they are done. If not, continue cooking the ribs until tender and almost done (maximum 1/4 to 1/2 hour longer).
    7. Once done, season them with the remaining rub, sprinkling it on.
    8. Cut racks in half or, for a more rustic effect leave them whole.

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