Easy Recycling

Easy Recycling with a Kitchen Warehouse Bin

At Kitchen Warehouse we are in the business of smoothing out life’s little chores by offering innovative solutions to all your kitchen tasks. The latest of these is the recycling sorting bin that lets you sort out your rubbish in the one bin, saving space and removing the inconvenience of separating rubbish. No more excuses not to recycle for teenage kids or aged parents!

Take a look at what’s on offer:

Intelligent Waste Totem Bin from Joseph Joseph provides a single system with removable bins; a pull out drawer and removable caddy for easy separation of all your waste, fitted together in one sleek towered bin. Custom fit liners are available for each compartment.

Brabantia Matt Steel Touch Twin Bin uses a simple touch to reveal twin compartments for recycling and green waste, both with removable inner buckets. The lid is also removable for easy cleaning and inserting the custom fit liners. Ventilation holes on the side of the bin prevent unpleasant aromas collecting.

The Brabantia Sort and Go system provides you with a variety of sturdy bins in different colours and sizes for quick identification of which bin is which. The bins can be free-standing or wall mounted and liner bags are available.

Keep an eye out for more new products in our bins category, to keep your waste out of sight and incognito.

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