When you want a foolproof present that will make anyone happy, an edible gift is the way to go. With Christmas cheer starting to fill the air, it’s the best time to fill your kitchen with the scent of homemade treats, too. And to help you get started, we got a few yummy ideas that are sure to spark your creativity. From sweet to savoury to boozy, our list has every edible gift idea for all your family and friends to enjoy.

Something Crunchy and Chewy

If you have a pantry well stocked with nuts, dried fruit, and sugar, crunchy or chewy holiday snacks make perfect gifts. Try making candied nuts or granola bars then have them wrapped up in a reusable canister for an extra gift. Or if you want to give something a family can enjoy for Christmas breakfast or brunch, fill an airtight jar with your own muesli mix. For something a little bit more special, why not give these mince pie and torrone recipes a try? Your colleagues will be delighted to get these all wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon during your Christmas party.

Edible Gift Torrone
The colourful nuts peeking through your torrone slices make these edible goodies the perfect festive gift for the holiday.

Something Savoury

What present will delight keen home cooks? Something they can cook with, of course! Share with them your secret salad vinaigrette or dressing recipes then present them in pretty oil bottles. Our mini list of honey-based concoctions may inspire you. If you have an herb garden, you can also try making herb-infused oils and vinegars that they can use for cooking. Barbecue lovers, on the other hand, will love to get a bottle of your delicious rub or spice mix for Christmas. Just make sure you give them in advance so they can use it for their holiday grill parties!

Edible Gift
Herbs, peppers, and good quality olive oil make this tasty edible gift in a bottle.

Something Boozy

Christmas will not be complete without a little booze and spirit, right? And if you love infusing liquor with different flavourings, giving them as a gift will surely make your friends ecstatic. Simple creations like craft gin, home-brewed cider or beer, and infused vodka are perfect for their holiday parties. Make them look special by storing them in pretty flip-top bottles and finishing it with a handmade note card. You can even take it up a notch by placing it in a nice basket together with beautiful drinking glass sets they can use for entertaining.

Edible Gift
Christmas vodka? Wrap up this candy cane-infused drink with extra candy or packets of hot chocolate to delight one happy friend.

Something Sweet

Let’s not forget about the kids and the kids at heart. It’s not Christmas without giving and eating sweet, indulgent treats after all. Chocolate chip cookies stored in a cookie jar or canister are perfect for families and neighbours. Or if you want something more creative and personalised, decorating sugar cookies is ideal, and a great excuse to impress them with your piping skills. But when baking is not really your thing, no-bake treats are still very much welcome. You can give this yummy truffle recipe a go, or try melting a good bar of chocolate then use it for dipping pretzel sticks or making assorted barks. The best part about this idea is, you can be as random and messy with the toppings yet still end up with something super yum!

Edible Gift
Santa will surely be happy to get this sweet gift for Christmas.

Something DIY

Of course, not all of us have the time to make an edible gift from scratch. But when you have a large jar and a good recipe on hand, you can always provide the ingredients and instructions and leave the cooking to your lucky friend. A cookie mix in a jar is perfect for a mum who loves baking, while a soup mix will delight a friend who’s always on the go. Make sure to use a clear jar so you can display the lovely layer of ingredients.

Edible Gift
Put a smile on anyone’s face this holiday with this adorable hot cocoa jars.

You may also opt to have a themed gift instead and just buy the contents of your jar contents. Here are a few fun Christmas jar themes that are easy enough to put together and match with your friends’ favourites.

  • Holly Movie Jar – popcorn kernels, popcorn seasoning, sodas, candy, chocolate bars
  • Tea-nsel in a Jar – honey, tea bags, pack of cookies, fresh lemon
  • Jack Frost’s Jar – wafer cones, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, nuts
  • Waffle-toe Jar – waffle or pancake mix, jam, maple syrup
  • `Tis the Season to Barbie Jar – marinade, BBQ sauces, rubs, spices

Christmas is the perfect season to enjoy exchanging gifts. And with a little kitchen and food creativity, you can make your holiday edible gifts more meaningful and your recipient extra jolly.

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