Egg Storage

Eggs are the one of the mainstays of your kitchen, for baking, breakfasts and delicious quiches or pies. Storing your eggs correctly will ensure your eggs are always fresh and ready to use. When you bring your eggs home, remove them from the carton into a storage tray from Kitchen Warehouse. This has many benefits for your egg health:

  • The transparent container lets you know exactly how many eggs you have left at any given time.
  • The plastic container will not become soggy so can be safely removed from the fridge.
  • Well sealed lid prevents any odours from the fridge being absorbed through the tiny pores of the egg shell.
  • Eggs can still be stored with the large end up.
  • Any broken eggs can be identified straight away when you transfer them from the carton to the container.

Egg Storage tips:

  • Store large end up.
  • Store in main body of the fridge instead of the door to keep temperature consistent.
  • For room temperature eggs, store in one our wire egg baskets.
  • Put left-over egg whites and yolks in an air-tight container to store, adding a little water to the yolk to prevent drying.

Egg Whites Recipes: Angel Food Cake, Omelette, Meringue, Macaron, Soufflè, Marshmallows, Pavlova
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Egg Freshness Chart

When placed in a bowl of water your egg is:

Fresh Eat soon or hard boil Off – don’t eat
Lays on side Stands upright on bottom Floats to top

Egg Accessories

Serve and prepare eggs with these useful items:
Ensure even slices for salads and garnish with an Egg slicer.
Make sure your boiled eggs are perfectly cooked with your Egg timer.
Combine eggs smoothly with a Whisk from Kitchen Warehouse.

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