The best way to show mum you love her? Treat her to a delicious homemade lunch served on a well decorated table! We rounded up four easy lunch recipes along with a few tips on how to pretty up the table.

Choose anything from grilled to baked, cheesy to healthy meals so you can cook up mum’s favourite. Serve these mains with delectable sides and drinks to build a whole new exciting menu that will put a smile on her face.

Have a look at our tasty meal options below and start planning a lunch to remember for mum this Mother’s Day.

Hawaiian grilled chicken burger

If your mum is always up for something new, this Hawaiian-inspired chicken burger makes an interesting meal for lunch. The sweet grilled pineapple pairs nicely with the lightly seasoned grilled chicken breast, while the lettuce, tomato, beetroot, and mayo toppings add freshness and flavour.

Give it an outdoorsy feel by serving on a rustic wood serving board with a bucket of homemade potato fries and a delicious sour cream dip.

Baked salmon with lemon and coriander

This lemony baked salmon with coriander is an elegant recipe that only takes half an hour to cook. It comes with a zesty flavour of lemon and strong hint of coriander, making it super irresistible. Serve mum a glass of full-bodied white wine like an oak-aged Chardonnay or white Pinot Noir for a great pairing.

You can plate up this dish like a pro by using the Maxwell & Williams Marblesque serving plates. It’s designed with marble-like alabasters swirl that simply brings elegance to any dish. Don’t forget to garnish with lemon and coriander to complete the look.

Quesadillas with homemade refried beans

Quesadillas are delicious even with just salsa. But pair it with refried beans and it makes a complete meal. This cheesy quesadilla recipe is wonderfully simple and easy to prepare so it’s a perfect beginner’s recipe for home cooks. All ages are sure to love it, too!  

Go out all Mexican and serve your quesadillas on vibrant and festive platters like the Ladelle Mi Casa range and Royal Doulton 1815 Tableware sets. The more colourful your crockery, the more Mexican you can get!

Warm potato and fennel bulb salad with lemon-butter sauce

This simple salad recipe eats like a meal thanks to filling potatoes combined with savoury fennel bulbs and lemon-butter sauce. It’s simply perfect for vegetarian mums and equally filling like any other meal with carbs and meat.

Make any dish pop by serving it straight on vibrant Le Creuset stoneware platters.

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