Bubbly drink with a punch? If you want something new to serve for an upcoming party, this French fizz cocktail recipe is designed to please. Unique and refreshing, this blueberry, vodka, grapefruit, and sparkling wine mix is the perfect cocktail to enjoy during balmy summer days.

Australia produces fantastic rosé wine so you can make this French-inspired cocktail very much local. The vibrant flavour of rosé is complemented by the tartness of fresh grapefruit juice, the sweetness of blueberry syrup, and the smoothness of good quality vodka.

This cocktail recipe is made to be enjoyed by a small party but can as easily serve a bigger group. Make it in a pitcher, as suggested, to make four to six servings or double the quantities and prepare it in a larger beverage dispenser to serve more guests or make more servings. Serve this cocktail recipe individually garnished in low ball glasses and you have a simple yet elegant way of welcoming your guests.



  • ½ cup blueberry syrup
  • ½ cup fresh grapefruit juice
  • ⅔ cup vodka
  • 1 bottle (750ml) sparkling rosé wine
  • ½ cup fresh blueberries for garnish
  • Grapefruit zest in strips for garnish
  • Ice

Blueberry Syrup

  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ²⁄3 cup fresh blueberries
  • 1.5cm piece fresh ginger


  1. Make the blueberry syrup. Bring the water, sugar, blueberries and ginger to a slow boil. Cook until the sugar is dissolved, while stirring and smashing the berries.
  2. Turn the heat down and simmer on low for 5 minutes. Strain into a small bowls and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
  3. Mix the syrup, grapefruit juice and vodka together with 1 cup of ice in a large pitcher. Stir to combine and top with sparkling wine.
  4. Fill glasses with ice, a strip of grapefruit peel and a few blueberries, then pour the cocktail into each glass.

This recipe was adapted from Le Creuset.

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