We are in the grip of a doughnut revival. These deep-fried (or sometimes baked) warm sugary snacks are not just your traditional glazed or cinnamon number, this dessert staple has grown into a gourmet treat that you may even find now stacked on top of your milkshake at a cafe!

So where did it all begin? The debate begins with the Dutch olykoeks or ‘oil cakes’ from the mid 19th Century but it was American Hanson Gregory in 1847 who punched a hole in the centre of a dough ball to eliminate the unwanted, uncooked centre, to then stuff it with fillings.

However the Doughnut is not exclusive to one country or culture, with so many variations seen across the world like:

  • Greek Loukoumades – deep-fried dough balls coated in honey.
  • Italian Bomboloni – filled with vanilla custard and dusted with powdered sugar.
  • French Beignet – known for their square shape, they’re fried and sprinkled with various icings.
  • Mexican Churros – deep-fried sticks of dough sprinkled with sugar and dipped in warm chocolate sauce.
  • Cronut – a laminated dough, deep-fried in grape seed oil, the croissant-doughnut pastry was invented in New York by Dominque Ansel Bakery.

Today, with so many upmarket versions on offer, you can create your own gourmet doughnut right at home. Say good buy to the simple jam or plain old vanilla custard doughnuts, try filling or topping yours with an array of sophisticated ingredients that beat anything you can buy in a shop.

Use your KitchenAid Stand Mixer to jump onboard the doughnut craze and create your own flavour combinations. Here is some inspiration for you to get started:

  • Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam filled Berliners
  • Turkish Delight & pistachio cronuts
  • Baked lemon & blueberry Doughnuts
  • Banana donuts dipped in chocolate sauce and crushed walnuts

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