Covid-19, a global disaster that has brought even the most powerful nations and leaders to their knees, has taught us some valuable lessons. There is no doubt it has been a reality check that was long overdue.

Many people have been forced to go back to basics, finding comfort in more quality time spent at home. And it hasn’t been all bad. In doing so, we’ve also reconnected with nature, home cooking and the art of taking pleasure in life moments that previously were passing us by.

Suddenly the roar of the ocean seems louder, the song of birds in the air is sweeter, waterways are clearer, skies are not heavy with the burden of smog. And we like it. And more of us want it to stay that way.

Anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen has probably already started to look around and see what more they can do, there in the hub of the home, to make a difference.

The good news is, just a few small changes can have a big impact. Especially when we all do it together—just like our efforts to flatten the curve. Because you know, we are one, but we are many.

Do Away with Plastic Wrap

Guess you didn’t know about beeswax wraps? It’s more eco-friendly to wrap your freshly baked bread with this baby. Shop All Food Savers, Food Covers & Wraps.

It really is possible now to avoid that stuff. There are heaps of products available that can help you to keep food fresh without having to add to landfill.

Silicone lids that stretch over the top of pots, pans and storage containers are great. They are effective, easy to use and they provide a 100 per cent airtight seal.

Beeswax wraps are also fantastic for keeping foods of all types fresh. You can use them over and over again and they look pretty too.

Stretchy silicone wraps are great for getting more life out of fruit and vegetables that would otherwise sit in the fridge and go bad, or be wrapped in plastic.

If you haven’t investigated products in this category before, now is the time to have a look because it’s easy to make a change and you might even find it is a relief to say goodbye to plastic wrap that is tricky to use and gets torn on the roll.

No More Straws

These cooler drinks look lovely with metal straws, aren’t they? Shop All Reusable Cocktail Straws.

If you’re still using plastic straws, you probably do feel guilty when you throw them in the bin after just one use.

Paper straws are not really a good substitute. They don’t last long in a cup before they start to fall apart.

But metal reusable straws are really good, and they’re probably much easier to clean than you realise. If you’re not a fan of the metal, you can try bamboo and glass too, or flexi-silicone straws and these are great for kids because they come in a wide range of colours.


Making kimchi? Make it in a glass preserving jar. Shop All Preserving Jars.

You might not realise it, but doing your own preserving also is a wise eco-friendly choice. Not only are you making use of fresh produce that might otherwise go to waste, but you can also use preserving jars over and over again.

And there’s plenty of other uses for preserving jars. Take it to the weigh and pay shop and buy essential items without the nasty packaging. You can even buy laundry powder this way.


Zero Waste_Composting
Repurpose your food scraps using composting bins. It’s nice for the back garden you know. Shop All Compost Bins.

It is much easier to manage your kitchen waste when you have a compost bin on the kitchen countertop.

There are lots of different types available but even the most basic composter will reduce your overall waste and you get the added bonus of creating great fertiliser for the garden or your indoor plants.

Bye-Bye Baking Paper

This one’s going to be the home baker’s favourite tool. Shop All Reusable Baking Liners.

Another disposable item we can all safely do without.

Silicone sheets, whether they be used to line baking trays or they’re specially designed to fit in your cake pans or loaf tins, are the ideal substitute to single-use baking paper.

Paper is easier to break down than plastic, but when it is coated to make it non-stick, it’s not such a simple proposition.

Happy Earth Day
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Happy Earth Day
Many people have been forced to go back to basics, finding comfort in more quality time spent at home. And it hasn’t been all bad.
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