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Getting a great start to the day with a healthy breakfast is easy with your Food Processor and Kitchen Warehouse. Try these Fruity tarts for a vitamin and fibre packed meal. This versatile, healthy snack can be eaten any time.

Food Processor Fruity Tart




  • ¼ c dates
  • ¼ c sultanas
  • ¼ c dried apricots


  • 2 bananas
  • 2 Tbsp chia seeds (optional)


  • ¾ c chopped kiwifruit
  • ¾ c chopped strawberries


  • Any soft fruit: eg. peaches, nectarines, mandarin pieces, plums, mango



  • Put all ingredients into food processor and pulse until everything is loosely combined. Don’t over process or it will become sticky.
  • Press into lined tart tins
  • Put in fridge to set


  • Hand blend banana until smooth or mash in bowl.

To Put Your Healthy Breakfast Together:

  • Take tart crusts out of fridge
  • Spread banana mix into the crusts
  • Top with the sliced fruit
  • Store in fridge or eat immediately.

Try it Yourself:

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2 Replies to “Make a Healthy Breakfast with your Food Processor”

  1. These are absolutely fabulous. I make them as a dessert when I have guests and they love them. I top them with mascarpone cheese and then fruit instead of the healthy yoghurt I use in the morning. What a great idea this recipe is.

  2. What a great, quick and easy breakfast. I make a similar crust but I add .25 cup of raw rolled oats (traditional kind not quick cook oats).

    In addition to the nutritional element of the oats, I have found the crust is a little firmer than just fruit.

    Your recipe will be a great way to encourage my husband to eat fruit, thank you.

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