When it comes to a quick and easy breakfast idea, a boiled egg might seem like a straight forward choice, but have a crack (sorry, not sorry) and you will quickly discover the results can vary greatly. That’s because it all comes down to the egg size and temperature of both the egg and the water!

Egg Boiling Time

LARGE6 minutes 5 minutes
SMALL4 minutes 3 minutes

So when you pop your timer on make sure you allow extra or should we say eggstra time for larger eggs and for eggs that have come from the fridge. If soft eggs are not for you the general rule of thumb is to add an extra 3 minutes cooking time or use the diagram below for rough guide: 

Egg Cooking TImes
Egg Boiling Times

If this all seems a bit too hard, you have lost your timer or your phone has gone flat,  give the Burton Egg Perfect Colour coded egg timer a crack.  Simply place in the pot and it will indicate when the egg reaches soft, medium or hard by changing colour. Just like magic the job is done and no technology is required.

Burton Egg Perfect Timer
How to Boil an Egg

Sounds silly but here we go!


  • Eggs 
  • 1 tbsp Salt or Vinegar
  • Water


  1. Fill a saucepan 3/4 full with water
  2. Bring water to boil
  3. Add salt or vinegar to pan to prevent egg cracking
  4. Test egg freshness by sitting in bowl of water –  see below
  5. Lower egg into pan in slotted spoon – If boiling more than one egg try and immerse them as close to the same time as possible
  6. Set timer OR Immerse colour coded egg timer and leave until colour changes to required hardness
  7. When the correct time has passed remove egg immediately from the water with a slotted spoon and set into an egg cup

Most importantly ENJOY this simple pleasure served with buttered toast and freshly ground pepper and salt. Yummo

Egg Freshness 

Sometimes it is hard to tell how old your eggs are! For the best poached and boiled eggs you need them to be fresh. This is an easy test to follow to work out whether your egg is fresh.  Place in bowl or glass of water

The low down is:

Fresh = Lays on Side  (egg on left) 

Eat Soon = Stands upright on bottom 

Yuk Don’t Eat = Floats to top (egg on right) 

Do you need an egg on! You can shop all our favourite egg essentials  and if you need a new  egg cup  why not treat yourself to your own special egg cup. 

Egg Cup
Stylish Egg Cups by Le Creuset

Without taking away any accolades from our humble boiled egg we need to talk poached eggs. Watch our video for simple tips on how to cook perfect poached eggs that will have you cooking cafe style in no time …. with or without your smashed avocado! We put the challenge out to you to make poached eggs served anyway. View our video for details.

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