Using Himalayan rock salt, like any rock salts in cooking, adds intense and direct impact in the mouth. Now, salt block cooking is adding a new intensity to your palate. Himalayan salt blocks are suitable for frying, grilling and sauteing. Directly applied to your BBQ, or rectangular gas burner they are best used to cook steaks, seafood, or thinly sliced vegetables and proteins.

So why is this cooking method catching on? Himalayan pink salt adds healthy minerals to food, which help balance your body’s pH and stabilise hydration. Meals prepared on a Himalayan salt block add an interesting experience and more complex taste to everyday food for an earthy saltiness without overpowering the flavours of your dish. Salt blocks are excellent for high heat cooking and the trick is to gradually heat your block to avoid cracking of its surface.

Step by step method:

HEAT: Gradually heat your block in 15 minute intervals from low, medium, to high heat.
TEST: before adding your food to the heated block, check it is at the right temperature.
COOK: Add your meat, fish or vegetables directly on the block. The size or amount of your food will play a part in how long you cook it for.
COOL & CLEAN: Turn off heat and allow to cool on stovetop or burner until cool to the touch. Scrub away leftover food particles and wipe clean.
STORE: Leave to air dry and store in a dry place.

Cleaning & storing your salt block

After the use of your salt block clean off any food matter with the use of a slightly wet sponge or scour. Be sure not to use soap on your salt block. Once you have scrubbed it clean, wipe down with a dry towel. Salt blocks can be stored anywhere from your pantry, counter top or stacked in with your cookbooks. Never leave outdoors or clean it in your dishwasher.

Serve hot or Cold

Your salt block can be used for cooking or chilled to serve cold dishes. The Himalayan salt block can be chilled below 0 degrees. Use your salt block for serving and preparing cold dishes too. Serve foods like sushi and sashimi to enjoy the salt it transmits to the food or cheese and freshly cut fruit.

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  1. It was helpful when you said to heat it first. My sister is wanting to get a salt block. I’ll pass these tips along to her as she searches for one to get.

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