Ever wanted to make a cake into a giant Hamburger? Ani Comper of Comper Cakes joins us this month to teach exactly how you can pull of such a mouth-watering creation. Try Ani’s below step by step instructions on how to make a 3D sculpted hamburger cake decorated in fondant with a patty surprise! Join Ani in-store for our workshops or get creative at home.

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Step 1 Hamburger Cake
Step 1: Carve your pre-made cake with rounded edged to replicate a burger bun shape. Cut into three even thirds. Crumb coat with buttercream.
Step 2 Hamburger Cake
Step 2: Roll out fondant, cover with each bun as pictured and trim away any excess. Use fondant to create chips. Air brush burger buns with Americolor Brown Water colour.
Step 3 Hamburger Cake
Step 3: Using Rice crispy treats roll out and cut to a patty shape the same size as your buns. Cover in chocolate fondant.
Step 4 Hamburger Cake
Step 4: Cut your desired ingredients from your chosen fondant colours. Use the leaf fondant tool to shape and sculpt your lettuce edges. For the onion use a set of round cookie cutters. Remember to only prepare enough ingredients to show on the edge of the cake only.
Step 5 Hamburger Cake
Step 5: Roll out your fondant for the cheese and tomato as you would in step 4. Cut cheese shapes using a wheel cake cutter, Bowling tools and leaf fondant tool. To make the tomatoes, cut circles with round cutters., then cut in half to make twice as many tomato slices since only the edges will show.
Step 6 Hamburger Cake
Step 6: Remembering to assemble the cake as you go using ganache as the bun and burger patty’s place holder. Add ketchup and mustard in the form of yellow and red buttercream coloured with food colouring gel. Serve with sauce and chips on the side!

Hamburger Cake creation & WIN

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