Sauerkraut is filled with healthy enzymes and probiotics that are perfect for maintaining a happy digestive system, which can only be a good thing for your body.

Since eating and making fermented foods is a great habit to get into, why not start now as we cover some fermenting basics with Lisa Thornton of Get Cultured. Hit play to watch her step by step guide on how to make sauerkraut.

HINT: Taste as you go and add more salt to get your desired taste. If it is too dry, add a little filtered, cooled water. After, leave it to ferment for 3 -10 days. Taste test every few days and once the cabbage tastes tangy enough, pop it in the fridge, ready for you to enjoy with meat or salad.



The quantity rule of thumb is 20 grams of salt to 1kg veg of vegetables.

  • Salt
  • Cabbage


Step 1: Clean your equipment and produce.

Step 2: Slice your cabbages. We recommend using a mandoline
Slicer or food processor.

Step 3: Combine ingredients in a bowl using a rub in or massage
method. This releases the cabbage juices and ensures salt is evenly distributed.

Step 4: Pack in cabbage. Top with outer leaves as a surface layer.

Step 5: Apply weights, cover and fill moat with water.

Step 6: Check after 24 hours to ensure cabbage is submerged.
Press down if not.

Step 7: Ferment for 3 -10 days. Traditional fermentation is
generally around 3-4 weeks, dependent on the temperature.

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