Chopping and slicing onions is often regarded as one of the less loved food preparation tasks. Let us make your life a little easier by introducing you to some helpful gadgets and storage solutions that will make adding onions to the meal a little less traumatic.


Progressive Onion Chopper:

Peel your onion and place it whole on the blades of the container. Press down and your chopped onion will slide, fume free, into a sealed container ready for use. The container has measurements on the side for extra convenience.

Onion Goggles:

With a soft foam seal, these gorgeous goggles will keep your eyes free of nasty onion fumes as you chop and slice with a sharp knife from the Kitchen Warehouse range.

Storing Half Onions:

Onion Cases: Lock your half used onion in this sealed case to keep it fresh and ready to use, without spreading onion aromas around the fridge. Onion cases come in a variety of designs including brown and red onion style.

Storing Whole Onions

Onion Sacks: Lets your onions breathe naturally, including a black out breathable liner to keep out the light to prevent your onions shooting in the pantry. Remove your onions from the bottom slot to keep the rest sealed in.

Try our delicious onion fritters recipe for a tasty accompaniment to a roast, or for a lunchtime snack.

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