So you’re finally settled in your dream home, most of your belongings have been unpacked, and everything’s in order. Now it’s time for the exciting finale of moving in: welcoming your guests to your home by hosting a housewarming party!

And while you can always go all out to make it memorable for your friends and family, our simple guide will help you plan an equally memorable event that is friendlier on your budget. Read on and pick up a few tips you can do for a fun housewarming party with inexpensive invitations, party spread, and activities.

Guest List and Invitations

Whether you’ve moved into a big house or a smaller apartment space, hosting a housewarming party is a great way to celebrate your new place with family and a few friends. It’s not just a fun get-together but also a good way to say hello and meet your neighbours. So do consider these when you are creating your guest list and invitations. You do not have to invite everyone in one big party and overcrowd your home.

Let your friends know you’re having a party easily through handcrafted cards or online invitations.
Let your friends know you’re having a party easily through handcrafted cards or online invitations.

Sending out pre-made cards for invitations is classy and easier but also adds to your expenses. If you are inviting just a few good friends over, why not get creative with handmade cards? They’re perfect for using up your extra craft paper at home and make a great memento for your guests. For more than 10 guests, sending an online invitation may be a faster, more practical option. It’s easier to send out and won’t cost you anything, too.

Whatever means you choose, make sure to be specific about the time and date. Choose a date that gives you enough time to prepare for the party and pick a time that is most convenient for you and your guests. After receiving their excited replies, get an accurate head count so you can plan out your other party elements.

Theme and Decor

You don’t have to go overboard and have your guests in funny costumes for a memorable party. When choosing a theme, it’s best to keep it simple especially when you are on a budget. Also, your guests came to see your beautiful home so you don’t want your decor to cause too much distraction.

How to Throw a Pocket-Friendly Housewarming Party 5
Brighten up vacant spots around your home with simple plants or floral arrangements in lovely vases.

Here are a few things you can try to make your home look party-ready:

  1. Garlands and balloons. These are great ways to add colour to your front door to welcome your guests. Handmade paper garlands take little time to make and even show off your crafty side.
  2. String lights. If you are having your party at night, inexpensive string lights bring life to the occasion and keep it cheery.
  3. Plants and flowers. Put your vases to good use, fill them up with fresh flowers from your garden, then use them to decorate your food table. You can even use your milk bottles or jars to keep the party atmosphere warm and cosy. If you love collecting succulents, have them in pretty pots or cups and place them around your home.
  4. Holiday decor. Having your party around the same time as significant holidays like Easter or Christmas is perfect for bringing out your seasonal decor to dress up your party. This makes choosing a theme easier and gets your guests in the giddy festive mood.
  5. Tableware and napkins. If you are planning to have a garden party for your housewarming, use tableware, placemats, and linen colours that will complement the occasion and brighten up your food table. Solid-coloured paper napkins easily match any theme and can double as a plate for your yummy party nibbles. On the other hand, a tiered cake stand filled with mini desserts is a great way to showcase your baking skills.
How to Throw a Pocket-Friendly Housewarming Party
If you prefer a party with cakes and tea, make your charming high tea accessories adorn your table.

For an indoor party, use colour combinations that will complement your existing interior then work around that when planning other elements. If you are having it outdoors, choose a location that will highlight the beauty of your home. For instance, if you have a great-looking garden space or a fabulous pool, a housewarming party is a great excuse to show them off!

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks for a housewarming party do not have to be over the top. Save your elegant menus for later and stick to simple finger food and drink offerings. These are not just easier for your guests to eat and enjoy but also make prep time and after-party cleanup a breeze. To help limit costs, using ingredients that are in season or are already found in your garden is a great idea.

How to Throw a Pocket-Friendly Housewarming Party 1
These versatile serve sticks make your party nibbles easy to serve and pass around.

If you have tasty recipes up your sleeve, home-cooked nibbles are best when hosting on a budget. Pair your bread slices, crackers, and chips with assorted cheeses, fruit, and dips then have them arranged on lovely serving boards, platters, or chip and dip plates. If you love making your own cocktail concoctions, then this is the best time to put your mixing talent on display. Offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail options then include either beer or fruit juice on the menu, too. To help you plan, here’s a few delicious recipes you can try:

  1. Dips and sauces. If you have an herb garden at home, whip up some Argentine chimichurri sauce to go with you barbecue skewers or mini salad cups. Or if you want your food to add colour to your table, not to mention make your crudite platter tastier, then give this easy-to-make sweet and spicy beetroot dip recipe a go.
  2. Finger food. To save time and keep yourself relaxed come party day, make-ahead epic sausage rolls are perfect for your party. They go well with beer, too!
  3. Dessert. If you do not have enough time to make baked treats for dessert, refreshing fruit in skewers is a great alternative. But if you do, then whip up some carrot cupcakes or serve them mini banana bread. These classic yummy bakes only need basic techniques and inexpensive ingredients but will surely be a hit among your guests.
  4. Cocktails. When you have a knack for combining fruit, spirits, and herbs together to liven up a party, then do try these brunch cocktail recipes.
Serving boards are perfect for making picture-worthy food platters that will make your guests excited to try everything.
Serving boards create picture-perfect presentation and make even simple food exciting.

Music and Games

Great conversation is the key to a fun housewarming party. But when you start running out of interesting topics to talk about and conversation starts to wane, playing some relaxing music is a good option to keep the party upbeat. And if some of your guests are meeting for the first time at the party, classic board games or a few rounds of charades will get everyone mingling. When you have the time to plan and prepare for a more adventurous scavenger hunt game, then use it to add a twist to the usual house tour.

How to Throw a Pocket-Friendly Housewarming Party
Time for party games? Serving snacks on pretty serving bowls will surely add to everyone’s excitement!

The most important secret to hosting any party and keeping it budget friendly is to give yourself enough time to plan ahead. This way, you can make cost-efficient decisions yet still make the actual party look well thought out. Treat your housewarming party as your mini DIY project. Unleash the craft maker, cook, baker, and decorator in you and try to do things from scratch whenever you can. This does not only help save on expenses but also makes your party more relaxed and memorable. Lastly, keep calm and enjoy!

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