To some, pickles in cooking can be, well, a real pickle. They’ll argue that the only place a pickle belongs in is in a sandwich. However, there are those who disagree and have found a whole new world in which the pickle reigns supreme in cooking.

Pickles can add a wonderful crunch to elegant appetisers, a tangy element to your main dishes, and even a surprising bite to your cocktails if it so chooses your fancy. It’s time you stop serving your pickles alongside your meals and start incorporating them into your recipes. Check out these ways to incorporate pickles into your everyday dishes.

Fried pickles

Warning: Tasting these may be life-changing. Seriously. There’s no going back once you’ve tried these out. Tangy, crispy, crunchy, and not nearly as heavy and oily as a lot of fried foods, fried pickles are the perfect party appetiser to cater for your guests. Just slice the pickles thinly, cover them in batter, and toss into the fryer. A great, flavoursome snack in less than 30 minutes.

Cuban sandwich quesadilla

To some this may sound a strange combo but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It’s made with roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, butter ,and garlic on Cuban bread, which is then heated and melted on a panini press. Prepare your taste buds to be blown away with flavour.

Dill pickle soup

Nothing says winter like a hot soup. This is a soup where the mighty pickle steals the headline by creating such a strong flavour. You will really get to appreciate the pickle flavour in its prime in this soup as it features both pickles and pickle brine. Other ingredients include white onion, red potatoes, vegetable or chicken broth, cream, as well as dill weed. Cook up a batch and sit back and enjoy.

How to Use Pickles in Cooking
Rassolnik is a Russian soup made of barley, beef, potatoes, and pickles.

Pickle pizza

People try all sorts of foods on pizzas, but the one you need to give a go is pickles. Pickles work on pizza because the flavours are complementary. Combined with melted cheese, a crispy crust, and a tangy sauce, pickles and pizza are a match made in heaven. So get the dough rolled out and add on a few sliced pickles to make a dining masterpiece.

Baked pickle chips

These oven-baked pickle chips are a fun and light appetiser. Using just bread crumbs, flour, and egg whites, cover the pickles generously and then bake in the oven. Voila, so simple to make! They’re extremely delicious as well as being light. Serve with a dressing or dip of your choice.

Dill pickle hummus

What kind of dinner party doesn’t have at least one pot of hummus? Hummus is the perfect neutral base to play with fun flavours like pickle. Blend in one or two pickles with your hummus and serve up to guests. You could even serve it alongside some dill pickle chips for an extra tangy snack.

Dilly potato and egg salad

A wonderful twist on the staple potato salad that should accompany most summer dishes. Take your standard potato salad recipe and liven it up with one or two sliced pickles and throw in a couple of boiled eggs. Perfect for serving up for guests at barbecues.

How to Use Pickles in Cooking
Use pickle brine to add zing to your Bloody Mary. Garnishing with whole pickles won’t hurt either.

Dill pickle Bloody Mary

So while you’re cooking all these delicious pickle delights you’re sure to get a little thirsty, right? Well then, why not treat yourself to a pickle Bloody Mary. A staple of brunches everywhere, the Bloody Mary is easy to make at home with ingredients that you likely have in your pantry—Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, celery, salt, and lemon. The twist here is to use pickle brine-infused vodka. Infusing vodka is a fun and easy DIY project that only takes a few days, and a worthwhile exercise once you get to sit back and enjoy one of these concoctions.

And there you have it. The pickle is more than just a backing singer to the meat in a sandwich—it too likes to be at the forefront. Be daring, try out a few recipes, and add in a pickle. You may well be surprised at just how good it tastes.

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