Returning to Perth for only her second visit, we had the pleasure of hosting another series of sold out workshops with the wonderful Katherine Sabbath, but that’s not all we did.

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With social media being the platform that launched Katherine’s career, throwing an instagram meet & greet for P-town seemed fit! To celebrate Katherine’s visit we put together a few of her favourite things, so with a lolly table, cake pops, nail art bar and the chance to connect with some of Perth’s prominent food bloggers, instagrammers and bakers we had ourselves #APopParty!

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Super delicious and filled with candy surprises, these 50 plus mini Ice-cream cone cake fudge pops were made by Katherine in Sydney and brought over in her hand luggage! Ending everyone’s Friday on a Sugar high, it wouldn’t have been a party without cake, Katherine Sabbath style.

A special message from Katherine to our Pop Party guests:

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“It’s easy for me to be so passionate about supporting our home baking community when I’m in a room full of talented, creative and super friendly baking enthusiasts! A warm-hearted thank you to everyone who came and spent time with me during my visit to Perth with Kitchen Warehouse. I can’t wait to see you guys again soon!”

View Party album here:

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Unicorn Cheesecake Workshop

Saturday was filled with Swiss Meringue Buttercream and rainbow chocolate shards as the two workshops took place. A great crowd of people and always great fun, our guests hung around to take photos and chat with Katherine before the anticipation of tasting the Unicorn Cheesecake.

The overwhelming support from Katherine Sabbath’s Instagram followers is part of the reason in taking this huge leap into a career of baking and it’s paid off. Swapping the classroom for a kitchen to pursue her dream of creative cake design, Katherine is still very much a teacher and will continue to teach and demonstrate her art of cake creating and baking nationally and internationally.

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