Over the weekend we had the bright and beautiful Cake Queen, Katherine Sabbath visit four Kitchen Warehouse stores to demonstrate her Upside-Down-Cream-Cone-Cake! We invited Bryony from bryonyeats.com along to share what her and over 150 other fans got to experience and take away from the 2 hour workshop.

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Last Sunday I was fortunate enough to attend a cake demonstration by former school teacher and current Instagram baking sensation Katherine Sabbath. When Katherine Sabbath enters a room, you notice. It’s not just her colourful wardrobe, immaculate hair or crisp Gorman apron that sets her apart, It’s her bubbly personality. A personality that matches her wardrobe perfectly. She sashayed into the demonstration kitchen at Kitchen Warehouse and tripped over a power cord connected to the viewing screen. She laughed it off and continued to set up. It’s the little flaws in her seeming perfection that make Katherine Sabbath so endearing.

The demonstration kitchen was set up with all the appliances every baker dreams of, particularly the ever popular KitchenAid. Katherine Sabbath recently bought herself one (in the colour ice – a punchy pastel turquoise) and swears by it. Although she managed before with the standard kitchen staple – the hand mixer – she finds the KitchenAid far more efficient and particularly loves the huge 4.7L mixing bowl. The capacity allows her to make large batches of her swiss meringue buttercream, perfected from a Martha Stewart recipe, and then freeze the unused portions for later use. She confessed that she uses her freezer a lot, much like many popular restaurants known for their baking do. This allows her to make her colourful creations over 2-3 days. You have to have a good work life balance.

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The demonstration was her “Oops I Dropped My Ice Cream” cake. To start she cut the caramel mudcake and chocolate brownie cake into layers. Katherine opts for a knife and a steady hand to do this. I lack a steady hand and love a precise edge so I use a wire cake leveller at home. She then layered the cakes with a raspberry cream cheese filling, careful to ensure there were no gaps in the filling. She uses freeze dried raspberries, as opposed to fresh, to enable the filling to last longer. She rattled off a few brands that she loved and instantly a Kitchen Warehouse staff member crept to the display table with a few packets of just mentioned Fresh As freeze dried raspberries. I always find it handy to have a local retailer as I can be very impatient and don’t like waiting for things to be shipped to me. When I want cake, I want it immediately.

When it came to frosting her masterpiece she used a plastic joint knife her dad bought her from Bunnings and an offset spatula. She masterfully twirled the cake on the revolving cake decorating stand and corrected any lopsidedness with the pastel purple swiss meringue buttercream. She built up the sides and then smoothed the top with the offset spatula. Next a layer of confetti was pressed into the bottom edge. The cake was finished with an ice cream cone made out of compressed muffin, a waffle cone and lashings of pink chocolate. She fastened the cone to the cake with a river of ganache that was artfully dripped down the sides of the cake. Of course more confetti was needed to finish the cake, a Katherine Sabbath creation is never subtle.


Whilst creating her masterpiece she chatted to the eager audience and happily answered questions. She was humble and excited to hear if anyone had any tips or tricks to offer her. She confessed that her love of baking came out of a desire for chocolate – something that was never incorporated into her mothers cooking. She recommends following a recipe exactly when attempting to get the same result but says tweaking a recipe can lead to great things too. She says she has failed numerous times in the kitchen but you won’t be seeing any of those photos on her Instagram!

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