Kitchen Warehouse is excited to introduce Jonathan Baker who will be the newest monthly contributor to our Appetite Blog. Jonathan will be trying out recipes and blogging about them for us on the Kitchen Warehouse blog so you can use his experience to cook the best recipes from around the globe.

Jonathan is a baker by name and by nature as well as being a cookbook enthusiast. Jonathan prefers cookbooks that provide an insight into the personality of the author. Why does the author want him to try this or that recipe? Why is this way or that way the better way to cook? The text surrounding the recipe is equally as important as a glossy photo for this reason.

Jonathan grew up with a great role model in his mother who would always provide a healthy, home cooked meal, with plenty of fresh ingredients, something we also believe in at Kitchen Warehouse. She was reluctant to let him cook on his own however, which proved to be prescient on her part as his first cooking experience resulted in burnt, mushy inedible mess. His second attempt at cooking a chocolate treat was also disastrous as young Jonathan didn’t realise that metal and microwaves don’t mix. His Mum never did discover why her microwave suddenly stopped working while she was out.

Today his cooking skills have improved so much that he is now a much loved figure at his gym where he regularly turns up with plenty of baked goods to share among the staff. These they enjoy while he attempts to work off the results of his own delicious cooking. Jonathan is also a keen hiker and enjoys spending time at the beach, when he is not shopping for cookbooks.

Jonathan is drawn to cooks and chefs with a laid back attitude such as Nigella Lawson. How to be a Domestic Goddess is one of his go-to cookbooks, with the brownie recipe one of his favourites (his own touches include sour cherries and white chocolate instead of chocolate chips). A favourite easy to prepare meal for Jonathan is a pasta with good quality Italian tomato sauce, or a roast chicken when time is short.

Over time Jonathan has accumulated a set of must have kitchen tools, which can all be easily purchased from Kitchen Warehouse, either online or from a store. These include a Santoku knife, plus knife sharpener, a citrus reamer, which he prefers to a lemon squeezer for speed of use, and electronic scales as he is not a cup measuring man. For slow cooking a range of stews, curries as well as roasting chickens the Buffet 30cm Le Creuset pan is his go to pan, and he couldn’t do without his Carbon Steel Wok and Swiss Diamond non stick frying pan.

Make sure you join us once a month to journey through the finest cookbooks with Jonathan Baker on the Kitchen Warehouse Appetite Blog.

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