It’s easy to fall in love with the craft coffee culture as good company and fine coffee gravitate together naturally. The unique and delicate flavours of siphon brewing have been around since the 1800’s and the first patent for this type of machine was in fact registered circa 1830 in Berlin however the glass balloon style was first seen in France.

Today we are privileged to enjoy the beauty of this full immersion steam process and the science of siphon brewing in the KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer, automated to provide optimum temperature control and vacuum pressurised coffee perfection.

Using the KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer

Step 1: Fit re-usable cloth filter to base of upper glass globe
Step 2: Place the required amount of freshly burr ground roasted coffee beans
Into the upper globe chamber
Step 3: Fill the glass coffee pot to the required marker with filtered or bottled spring water
Step 4: Fit the globe onto the coffee pot and switch on
Step 5: Call your friends to watch the theatrical magic of full immersion brewing as the water is drawn into the upper balloon before being drawn by vacuum back down into the pot to serve.
Step 6: Enjoy the delicate flavours of this uniquely brewed coffee


What do people have to say?

Great for strong coffee lovers!
An economical design with reusable cloth coffee filters. Not a simple gadget for your quick fix coffee but a unique, show stopping piece for the coffee enthusiasts and strong coffee lovers.
— Emma. D

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