When life gives you lemons, better make limoncello!

Kitchen Warehouse founder and patriarch John Macaulay shares his favourite limoncello recipe using fresh lemons grown at the family farm. “We have an abundance of lemons at the farm, so what better way to put our guests to work than by getting them to help us make one of my favourite drinks from Italy—limoncello,” John says.

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur originating in southern Italy. It’s a lovely drink for our mild winter when lemons are at their freshest and ripest. Limoncello requires time but it is so easy to make a big batch and have so much to enjoy once done. Try this limoncello recipe and have it on tap at your next party; it’s sure to be a hit!

Peter Macaulay of Kitchen Warehouse picking lemons at the family farm
Peter Macaulay, Kitchen Warehouse chief executive, picking lemons at the family farm for his dad John’s limoncello.



  • 6 lemons, non-waxed
  • 1L grappa or grain alcohol (90% alcohol)

Sugar syrup

  • 1kg sugar
  • 1.25L water


  1. Pick some nice lemons with decent amount of skin. Peel the lemons and only use the yellow skin as you do not want any of the pith. You could also use a zester.
  2. Add the lemon peel or zest and grappa to a large glass container. Store the bottled grappa and lemon in a cool dark place for about 20 days. You could leave it longer if you want a better result. It is recommended to shake the bottle or bottles every couple of days.
  3. When you have reached the 20 days, make the sugar syrup by dissolving water and sugar in a large pot and stirring until sugar has dissolved. Set this aside to cool.
  4. Strain the grappa using a muslin cloth or fine sieve. Then add the lemon-infused grappa to the sugar syrup. Once mixed, pour the limoncello into glass bottles and seal.
  5. Place the Limoncello bottles in the freezer as this is the best way to enjoy it. This recipe makes around 3L.

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