There’s nothing that shows your love more than a romantic picnic for two. If you are feeling romantically challenged, let us provide guidance on how to prepare a picnic basket filled with love ( and yummy food) for you.

The Picnic Basket

You can choose from a Kitchen Warehouse all inclusive picnic basket that comes fully equipped, or make up your own kit with an insulated basket from our store and online.

To set up your romantic picnic basket you need:

Your romantic picnic food

A feast is always fun and you will impress your true love by filling your picnic basket with this selection of goodies. Place food in sealed containers to keep everything separated and fresh, and use vacuum insulated flasks for hot and cold drinks – your loved one will feel even warmer toward you when she takes a sip of steaming hot coffee, paired with a creamy heart shaped chocolate.

Place in sealed containers

Carry in paper bag or box

Carry in vacuum insulated flask

Carry in cooler bag



Blue cheese


Cold chicken



Lemon loaf, sliced




Heart shaped chocolates

Water, Juice, Coffee, Tea

Bottle of Champagne


Your choice of drinks is a make or break moment so make sure you know your picnic companion’s favourite drop before you pack.

  • Champagne in bottle cooler bag
  • Juice or water in vacuum insulated water bottle
  • Coffee or Tea in vacuum insulated flask with incorporated mugs.

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