It’s hard to believe that our ancestors were pretty happy with making their coffee through an old sock, until someone had the bright idea of attaching a screen to a rod and pressing it into the pot of boiled coffee beans. Finally the plunger was born, brought into our homes by Michael Caine in The Ipcress File back in the ‘60’s.

How does it work?

The hot water releases the oils and flavours of the beans. When the plunger is pressed, it traps the coffee grounds at the bottom of the beaker, leaving the coffee to be poured into a cup.

How to make coffee in the coffee plunger:

  1. Use filtered or spring water – the natural minerals help extract the oils in the coffee beans for a fuller flavour.
  2. Grind beans fresh for 8 – 10 seconds to a Coarse grind, similar to large salt crystals. If you use too fine a grind, it will be difficult to plunge and coffee grinds can end up in the coffee.
  3. Rinse your plunger and cup with hot, boiled water.
  4. Add one rounded Tablespoon of freshly ground coffee per cup.
  5. Add number of cups of water to plunger. The optimal temperature is 93°C, so boil kettle and leave for a couple of seconds before pouring. Use a temperature controlled kettle or a thermometer for an exact guide.
  6. Stir, then plunge coffee and pour after a few seconds to rest.
  7. Transfer remaining coffee to a thermos for hot coffee when you want it, rather than leaving in the plunger.

Which plunger do you prefer? It’s hard to choose!

  • Twin wall vacuum to keep your coffee hot
  • Traditional borosilicate glass, set in chrome coated steel
  • Portable French press travel mug
  • Enamel glazed stoneware in your favourite pastel shade
  • Precision press plunger with timer and scale readout display

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Coffee grinder – grinding coffee beans fresh allows the coffee flavour to be released instantly. Once ground the flavour tends to fade over time.
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