French Champagne, an elegantly rustic cheese table, lively music and a group of excited VIP members. These were the key ingredients to kicking off Manu’s visit to Kitchen Warehouse. These select few Kitchen Warehouse VIP members were invited along to spend an evening sipping Champagne, eating cheese, taking selfies, getting books signed, having a chat and many laughs with one of Australia’s most popular celebrity chefs. How did they get invited you ask? Simple, all they needed to do was be a VIP or join the VIP club and purchase any piece of Chasseur Cast Iron cookware and they were invited. How easy is that? Chasseur Cast Iron is something everyone needs to have at least one of in their home.

To say Manu reminds me of the energiser bunny would be an understatement. Manu is a melting pot of enthusiasm, energy and with a bucket load of charisma thrown in, not to mention a slight (ok maybe more than slight) hint of a cheeky Frenchman. Manu knows exactly how to work the crowd and they loved every minute of it. A massive thanks must go out to the Perth Champagne Club for coming along and providing the fabulous Champagne, Manu Certainly seemed to enjoy it… along with the VIP’s of course.

Day two of Manu’s visit involved a cooking demonstration at Kitchen Warehouse Melville and plenty more selfies! Manu’s charming ways, French accent and sense of humour had the audience memorised throughout the demonstration. Showing everyone just how easy it is to throw together some really delicious meals without using the microwave, despite one of the audience members having a keen affection to using microwaves. Manu also invited Catherine up from the audience after being dobbed on by her daughter for not being a very good cook. Manu showed Catherine a few little handy tips and she was tossing mushrooms and cooking like a pro in no time.

Manu closed out the show by mingling with the audience and signing everything from cooking utensils to mugs, books, scrap paper and anything else the audience members could find.





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